All set to get your hands dirty with PHP? PHP IDE is the first tool that you need to get started with PHP programming. There are many IDEs available in the market, both free and paid, and selecting one can be a difficult task.

It is absolutely possible to get started with PHP programming in a basic text editor, like notepad, but better is to start off with a feature rich and complete PHP IDE like NetBeans. PHPStorm, VIM, Zend Studio, Cloud9 or Atom, specifically if it is about professional web development and not just hobby.

A good IDE comes packed with tons of features and facilitates rapid development and effective PHP programming. Integrated development environment is developer’s playground and better is to spend time upfront to select an IDE that best fits requirements.

Which one should you go for? This question is for you and the decision depends on what you need, like, and can afford. It is not a bad idea to try a few before closing on to one.

There are many cross platform IDEs that are supported on Windows, Linux and Mac and are available for free download. If you are a beginner web developer, planning to learn PHP, my recommendation is to go ahead with freely available IDEs like NetBeans, VIM, Atom or Eclipse PDT.

Enterprises and professional developers can also get the job done with these free IDEs but there are commercial and more advanced IDEs available as well that are backed by enterprises and support latest and modern set of features. These IDEs include PHPStorm, Sublime Text, Zend Studio, Nusphere, PHPED, PHP Designer and Cloud 9, to name a few.

If your idea is to simply play around with PHP coding without setting up your system, then online PHP IDE like PHPfiddle.com can also be tried. Other simple online options include witephponline.com and ideone.com.

Let us check out the 10 best PHP IDE available out there in the wild that are feature rich, most popular, modern, and loved by PHP developers around the globe.


如果你说PHP编程用基础的文本编辑软件就可以了,比如用记事本。是的,这对于业余爱好者来说绝对可以。但选择一款功能丰富而完整的开发软件还是要好一些,尤其是专业开发者更有必要。这些软件如:NetBeans, PHPStorm, VIM, Zend Studio, Cloud9或Atom。


那选择哪一款呢, 这个问题要看你的需求、偏好和预算。 选定一款之前试用几个也不错。

大量PHP开发软件支持跨平台系统,能用于Windows,Linux和Mac,而且提供免费下载。 对于初学者,我的建议是,你可以随意选择一款免费的,可用就行。 比如:NetBeans,VIM,Atom或Eclipse PDT。

企业和专业开发者可以用这些免费的开发软件完成程序编辑,但同时也有很多收费的平台因为整合了很多最新和更进步的功能特性而备受企业开发者的青睐。随便举几个,比如:PHPStorm, Sublime Text, Zend Studio, Nusphere, PHPED, PHP Designer和 Cloud 9等。

假如你只是想用PHP做简单的应用而非构架一整个系统,那么你也可以试一试那些线上的PHP开发工具,比如说PHPfiddle.com。 更简单的你可以选用witephponline.com和ideone.com。


1. NetBeans - Best PHP IDE (Free Tier)

NetBeans is the PHP IDE for masses, it is feature rich, free and supports multiple languages, including English, Japanese, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese. Free version of NetBeans dates back to 2010 when it was first made open source by Sun Microsystems, acquired by Oracle later on.

Since its release, NetBeans has been downloaded more than 18 million times and boasts one of the biggest communities of developers working on an open source integrated development environment.

Gone are the days when NetBeans used to be slow and was known only for Java development, the current stable release of NetBeans is lightweight, much faster and supports everything PHP. It has out of the box support for popular PHP frameworks like Zend, Doctrine, Smarty and Symfony2, support for Laravel via laravel-ide-helper and support for other frameworks like Yii, CakePHP, FuelPHP and Wordpress CMS.

Some of the key features that keep NetBeans on top of the list include code generation tools like getter setter generation, code templates, smart code completion, hints, quick fixes and refactoring. Other basic features supported include code folding and formatting, try/catch code completion and rectangular selection etc.

When it comes to debugging, you can either use command line or xDebug both locally and remotely. Web development includes javascript, HTML and CSS, NetBeans PHP Editor provides support for these all, out of the box. All these features easily make NetBeans as the best open source PHP IDE.

The next release is planned for August 2016 with full support to PHP 7, You can download current version of NetBeans here at – netbeans download.

Read more about NetBeans at official website here at - netbeans.org.

1. NetBeans - 最好的PHP IDE (免费版本)

NetBeans是供普通大众使用的PHP IDE,它功能丰富、免费并且支持多国语言,其中包括英语、日语、俄语、巴西葡萄牙语以及简体中文。NetBeans的免费版本的发布日期要回溯到2010年,Sun Microsystems开始将其作为开源项目发展,后来Sun Microsystems成为了Oracle的子公司。


过去,NetBeans的用途很少,只能进行Java开发,但现在,这样的日子一去不复返了,NetBeans目前的稳定版是轻量级的、速度更快并且全面支持PHP。对于像Zend、Doctrine、 Smarty和Symfony2一类的流行PHP框架以及像Yii、CakePHP、 FuelPHP和Wordpress CMS一类的其它框架提供了开箱即用的支持,也通过laravel-ide-helper提供了对Laravel框架的开箱即用支持。

让NetBeans位居榜首的关键特性是拥有很多代码生成工具,像getter setter生成、代码模板、智能代码补全、提示、快速修复和重构等。另外还支持一些基本特性,包括代码折叠和格式化、try/catch代码补全以及矩形选区等。

当进入调试阶段时,你可以在本地或者远程使用命令行或者xDebug。NetBeans PHP编辑器对包括 javascript、HTML和CSS等web开发都提供了开箱即用的支持。所有这些特性轻而易举地使得NetBeans成为最好的开源PHP IDE。


2. PHPStorm- Best IDE for PHP (Commercial Version)

PHPStorm is a full featured IDE for PHP and comes packed with most modern set of features that facilitate rapid web development. It is developed and marketed by company named JetBrains. JetBrains is among the most loved companies in developer tools market and is making coding easier and enjoyable for developers for last 15 years.

PHPStorm works well with major frameworks like Symfony, Zend Framework, Yii, CakePHP, Laravel and with major CMS systems like Drupal, Magento and Wordpress.

Any web development project is not complete without front end technologies and that is where PHPStorm shines the most, it offers live editing of almost all front end technologies like CSS, Sass, HTML5, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, JavaScript, Stylus, Less etc. with support for code refactoring, debugging and unit testing.

When it comes to developer tools, it offer integration with version control systems, databases/sql, composer, remote deployment, vagrant, rest client, command line tools and what not.

From debugging perspective, it works with Zend Debugger and Xdebug, both locally and remotely.

PHPStorm is an enterprise grade IDE, comes with a license cost, and mainly targets professional developers. It however, is offered, free of cost to teachers, students and for open source projects.

The popularity of PHP Storm can be gauged from the fact that big brands like Expedia,Yahoo, Cisco, Salesforce and wikipedia have also purchased PHPStorm IDE licenses in the past.

You can download the trial version (free for 30 days) of PHPStorm here at – Download PHPStorm trial version.

You can read more about PHP Storm at – jetbrains.com/phpstorm.

2. PHPStorm- 最好的PHP IDE (商业版本)

PHPStorm 是全功能的PHP IDE,其拥有最现代化的功能集可以快速便捷的进行网页开发。它由名叫JetBrains的公司开发并销售。 在过去的15年中,在开发工具的市场中JetBrains是最受人喜爱的公司,它使得编写代码更加的轻松和愉快。

PHPStorm 很好的支持主要的框架比如Symfony, Zend Framework, Yii, CakePHP, Laravel以及主要的CMS系统如Drupal, Magento 和Wordpress。

不是所有的Web开发项目都没有前端技术,这也正是PHPStorm耀眼之处, 它几乎提供了所有前端技术的实时编辑功能比如CSS, Sass, HTML5, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, JavaScript, Stylus, Less等等。同时还支持代码重构,调试和单元测试。

从发工具方面来说,它提供了版本控制系统,sql数据库,composer, 远程部署,vagrant,其他的客户端,命令行工具等诸如此类的功能。

从调试的角度来说,它支持Zend Debugger和Xdebug,也同时支持本地的或远程的。

PHPStorm是企业级IDE, 需要授权费用,主要的目标是专业的开发人员,但是它同时为教师,学生或开源的项目免费提供。

PHPStorm的普及程度可以从一个事实来衡量,就是众多的大公司如Expedia,Yahoo, Cisco, Salesforce 和wikipedia都曾有购买过PHPStorm IDE的授权。

你可以在以下地址下载PHPStorm试用版 (免费30天) – Download PHPStorm trial version.

你想了解更多的PHPStom请登录官网 – jetbrains.com/phpstorm.

3. Sublime Text 3 / PHP IDE

Sublime Text 3 is one of my favorites and a competing candidate for the most powerful text editors of all times. It is lightweight, feature rich and is supported on Windows, OSX and Linux. Sublime text editor is built to derive its powers via plugins and packages.

There are many PHP packages available out there in the wild that help transform this elegant editor into an elegant Sublime PHP IDE. Some of the most useful and notable package for this purpose include -  package control, Sublime PHP companion, xDebug client - CodeBug, PHPCS, CodIntel, Simple PHPUnit and PHPDoc.

Once you setup sublime text 3 as a PHP IDE with help of add on packages, you get elegance of sublime text as well as powers of PHP at one place, for an absolute ease of PHP development.

You can read more about Sublime Text here - sublimetext.com.

3. Sublime Text 3 / PHP IDE

Sublime Text 3 是我最喜欢的一个,也是候选的最强文本编辑器。它轻量级,拥有丰富的特性,还支持在Windows,OSX 和 Linux 上运行。 Sublime text 编辑器变得强大是通过插件和包来实现的。

有许多 PHP 的外部包可以使用,这些包可以帮助这个优雅的编辑器变成一个优雅的 Sublime PHP IDE。为了实现这个目的需要一些有用的包和一些著名的包——package control,Sublime PHP companion, xDebug client——CodeBug, PHPCS, CodIntel, Simple PHPUnit 和 PHPDoc。

一旦你安装 sublime text 3 作为 PHP IDE ,它会帮助你添加包,你获得的 sublime text 是优雅的,在这里它让你的 PHP 变得强有力,它对于 PHP 开发绝对好用。

关于 Sublime Text,你可以在这里(sublimetext.com)读到更多。

4. Eclipse PDT

Eclipse PDT (PHP Development Tools) is another open source option that costs you nothing. Eclipse has a huge community of developers working on all kinds of plugins, required to empower Eclipse with features that any other top class IDE like Storms PHP, NetBeans and Zend studio has to offers.

It is a little bit of a task in the beginning to get started with Eclipse as compared to other commercial IDEs but the effort is worth the money you save. Saving on licenses is the biggest advantage if you ask for a comparison between Eclipse PDT and PHPStorm or Zend Studio. if you are an old time Eclipse lover, you will feel home with Eclipse PDT.

Some say that Eclipse is slow and let me be honest, it is slow when your system configuration sucks while other commercial products comparatively perform better. However, the basic laptop configuration these days itself is good enough to run Eclipse fast enough to not let you notice any lags.

Some of the key features include syntax highlighting, code assist, code formatter, refactoring, code templates, code navigation, php debugging, syntax validation and eclipse ecosystem that boasts a huge community, a supportive one.

To start with, you can download Eclipse package for PHP developers which comes packed with PHP language support, XML Editor, Git client and Mylyn.

The download is available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. You can read more about Eclipse PDT here at - eclipse.org/pdt/.

4. Eclipse PDT

Eclipse PDT (PHP Development Tools)是另一款无需任何花费的开源选择。 Eclipse拥有一个庞大的开发者社区致力于开发各种各样的插件,使Eclipse能够具备任何一款如Storms PHP, NetBeans和Zend studio等顶级的开发IDE一样功能。

相比较与商业的IDE,刚开始时需要多做一些工作,但相较于你省下的钱一切都是值得的。与PHPStorm和Zend Studio相较,Eclipse PDT节省授权费是一个很大的优势。如果你是传统的Eclipse爱好者,使用Eclipse PDT会使你感觉很自在。


一些关键的特性包括: 语法高亮(syntax highlighting), 代码补齐(code assist),  代码格式化(code formatter), 重构(refactoring), 代码模版(code templates), 代码导航(code navigation),  php调试(php debugging), 语法检查(syntax validation) 并且拥有一个庞大的社区的eclipse生态系统来支持它。

开始使用时,你可以下载专用于PHP开发的Eclipse包,它包含了PHP语言支持,XML编辑器,Git客户端和 Mylyn。

软件能够在Mac OS X, Windows 和 Linux系统下下载并使用。你可以了解更多关于Eclipse PDT尽在- eclipse.org/pdt/

5. VIM

VIM is an open source text editor available under GPL license and is free to download and use. It is very popular among the developers community and is one of the most advanced text editors. Facebook engineers have been using VIM earlier for PHP coding before they moved to their own language, Hack.

We know VIM best as a text editor with multitude of features, but it offers nothing less than a full fledged PHP development environment when configuration is done carefully to suit PHP development.

If you are among the developers who love working with keyboards only, VIM is the way to go, it is  modular, lightweight, and fast.

Looking for a Linux PHP IDE, VIM is the way to go and the concept is more like Sublime Text 3, VIM also needs plugins to get converted to an IDE like PHPStorm or Netbeans, you need to configure lots of plugins which take some efforts in the beginning but what you get in the end is worth the efforts.

VIM can easily be counted as free IDE for PHP. You can read more about VIM here at - vim.org.

5. VIM

VIM 是在GPL授权下,可以免费下载并使用的开源文本编辑器。它是最先进的文本编辑器之一并且在开发社区内非常的流行。Facebook的工程师在使用自己的Hack语言之前,一直都是使用VIM来编写他们的PHP代码。

我们知道VIM作为一款优秀文本编辑器具有众多的特性,但当你仔细的配置完成后,它提供了不亚于完全成熟的 PHP 开发环境以适用于你的PHP开发。

如果你是只喜欢用键盘来工作的开发者, VIM就很适合你,它模块化,轻量并且快速。

要找一款 Linux下的PHP IDE,VIM 就是你要找的并且它的理念与Sublime Text 3相似, VIM也需要插件来转化成像 PHPStorm 或Netbeans一样的IDE, 最开始你需要花费大量的工作来配置大量的插件,但在最后成功后你会发现一切都是值得的。

VIM显然应该被算做是一款免费的PHP IDE。 你可以在 vim.org上了解更多!

6. Zend Studio

Zend Studio is another best in class commercial PHP IDE from the development house of the company named Zend and targets professional web developers.

Zend as a company offers everything PHP and has over 40, 000 clients using one or other of its products that helps make PHP development an absolute breeze. Some of its key clients include DHL, Credit Suisse, BNP Paribas and Agilent Technologies.

Zend Studio is supported on Windows, OS X and Linux and works with latest PHP versions including PHP 7. Zend Studio comes with an intuitive user interface and offers most of the modern features and tools that help speed up PHP and web development in general. Some of the key features of Zend Studio includes -

  • Faster performance in validation, indexing and searching PHP code.

  • Debugging with Zend Debugger, Xdebug and integration with Z-Ray.

  • Support for Eclipse plugins eco system.

  • Docker and Git Flow support.

  • Intelligent code editor supporting PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML.

  • Deployment support including cloud support for Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.

  • Assistance for PHP 7 express migration and seamless integration with Zend server

An interesting and power feature of Zend is its support for mobile app development on top of existing PHP apps and server backend. This gives a head start in development when it comes to complementing existing websites and web apps with mobile apps.

You can read more about Zend Studio here at - Zend Studio for PHP.

6. Zend Studio

Zend Studio是另一款一流的由Zend公司开发的商用PHP IDE,其目标是成为专业的web开发工具。


Windows、 OS X和Linux均提供了对Zend Studio的支持,并且兼容包括PHP7在内的最新PHP版本。Zend Studio的用户界面很直观,并且提供了大量的现代化功能和工具,通常有助于加速PHP和web的开发进程。其中一些关键功能包括-

  • 在验证、索引和搜索PHP code方面性能更好。

  • 使用Zend Debugger、Xdebug和内置的Z-Ray工具进行调试。

  • 支持Eclipse插件生态系统。

  • 支持Docker和Git流。

  • 支持PHP、Javascript,、CSS和HTML的智能代码编辑。

  • 部署支持,包括提供了对Microsoft Azure和Amazon AWS的云支持。

  • 集成了Zend server,有助于PHP7的快速迁移和无缝连接。

Zend提供了一个有趣而且强大的功能,即支持在现有的PHP应用程序和服务器端进行移动app开发。当要对已有的网站和web app、mobile app进行补充开发时,这个功能就很有用。

要阅读更多有关Zend Studio的内容可访问- Zend Studio for PHP

7. Atom

Atom is a modern text editor built by GitHub folks and offered free of cost under MIT license. Atom has an ecosystem of its own with huge community behind it and tons of plugins and packages available to extend its functionality.

Atom is truly hackable which means you can turn Atom into your own dream editor since it is extensible and highly customizable. Furthermore, it is a true cross platform option with support for Windows, OS X, Debian Linux (Ubuntu), Red Hat Linux and Fedora 22+.

How to turn Atom into PHP IDE Free?

When it comes to PHP, there are many packages available that transform Atom editor into a fully loaded IDE for PHP which is not only free of cost but nothing less than many of the commercial PHP IDEs.

The packages you need to turn atom editor into a fully functional free PHP IDE include hyperclick-php, php-cs-fixer, php-integrator-base, linter-php, atom-autocomplete-php etc. to name a few. You can check out the complete list here at Github - https://atom.io/packages/search?q=php

You can read more about Atom here at - atom.io.

7. Atom


Atom是真正可定制的,也就是说用它的可扩展性和高定制性你可以把它变成你梦想的编辑器。此外,它也是真正的跨平台下的很好选择,它同时支持Windows, OS X, Debian Linux (Ubuntu), Red Hat Linux and Fedora 22+。

如何让Atom变成免费的PHP IDE?

当涉及到PHP时,有很多的可用包可以把Atom编辑器变成全功能的PHP IDE,它不仅仅是免费,更是一款不亚于很多的商业性的PHP IDE。

把atom编辑器变成一款全功能的免费的PHP IDE所涉及到的包有:hyperclick-php, php-cs-fixer, php-integrator-base, linter-php, atom-autocomplete-php等等。这里仅举几个例子。你可以在Github上查看全部的所需清单 -> https://atom.io/packages/search?q=php


8. NuSphere

NuSphere is another company that is dedicated in developing PHP products to step up web development experience and PHPED is the IDE they have to offer.

The company is based out of Reno, Nevada in United States and released the first version of PHPED Editor back in 2001 when PHP itself was gaining grounds.

The latest release of PHP Editor IDE supports PHP 7 and most of the PHP frameworks including Laravel, Yii, Symfony etc. and Content management systems like Joomla and Wordpress. The additional feature with the latest release is the ability to run unit tests for both local and remote projects.

In summary, NuSphere PHPED IDE is a full stack web development tool that comes packed with support for javascript debugging, CSS preprocessing with LESS preprocessor, HTML5, of course, and everything else PHP.

Having said that, I would rate Zend and PHPStorm higher than NuSphere in terms of elegance, customer support, better documentation  and release management, in the commercial space.

You can read more about NuSphere here at - nusphere.com.


There is another good product named CodeLobster that gives a close competition to NuSphere. With recent release, CodeLobster has gone very aggressive, it now supports almost everything PHP including Twig templates, Drupal, Joomla, wordpress, Yii, Symfony, Laravel, AngularJs, jQuery, Phalcon, smarty, CodeIgniter, CakePHP and nodejs too.  

You can read more about Codelobster here at - codelobster.com.

8. NuSphere



而它的最新的版本IDE产品则支持PHP 7以及众多的PHP框架,包括 Laravel, Yii, Symfony等。同时还支持内容管理系统(Content management systems)中的Joomla 和 Wordpress。其最新版增加的功能还有支持远行本地和远程项目的测试单元。

总的来说,NuSphere的PHPED是一款全功能的网站开发工具,并包含了JavaScript调试, 带有LESS的CSS预处理, HTML5,当然还有与PHP相关的所有内容。


要了解更多关于NuSphere请参考 - nusphere.com.


有另一款物美价廉的产品叫做CodeLobster与NuSphere可以说是势均力敌。在最近的更新中, CodeLobster走的很激进, 目前它几乎支持了所有的PHP产品包括Twig templates, Drupal, Joomla, wordpress, Yii, Symfony, Laravel, AngularJs, jQuery, Phalcon, smarty, CodeIgniter, CakePHP 以及nodejs。 

要了解更多关于NuSphere请参考 - codelobster.com.

9. PHP Designer

PHP Designer is another good IDE that helps speed up web development workflow and offers built in support for PHP, JavaScript, CSS and HTML. It is the PHP IDE for Windows users only, skip it past if your operating system is Mac, Linux or anything else.

You can read  more about PHP Designer here at - PHP Designer.

10. Cloud 9 - Best PHP IDE in the Cloud

Cloud 9 is the cloud IDE used for almost all programming languages. In cloud based programming environments, there is no one else even close to Cloud9 in terms of features and popularity. For PHP, it offers built in debugger to for real time code inspection. 

You can get started with a free version where you get one free public workspace and on free private workspace, for anything more, you need to go for commercial version of Cloud9.

Read more about Cloud9 here at - cloud9.

9.PHP Designer

PHP Designer是另一个好用的IDE,它能帮助我们加快web开发的工作流程,并提供了对PHP、JavaScript、CSS和HTML的内置支持。该PHP IDE仅供Windows用户使用,如果你使用的是Mac、Linux这类的操作系统,就忽略它吧。

要阅读更多有关PHP Designer的内容可访问PHP Designer


Cloud 9是一个支持几乎所有编程语言的云IDE。在基于云的编程环境中,没有任何一个云IDE能在功能和知名度方面和Cloud9相媲美。它提供了内置的PHP调试器,可用来进行实时的代码检查。