OpenLDAP建立日志文件 loglevel该怎么设置

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man slapd.conf   的loglevel参数

oglevel <integer> [...]
              Specify the level at which debugging statements and operation statistics should be syslogged (currently logged to  the
              syslogd(8)  LOG_LOCAL4  facility).   They  must  be considered subsystems rather than increasingly verbose log levels.
              Some messages with higher priority are logged regardless of the  configured  loglevel  as  soon  as  some  logging  is
              configured, otherwise anything is logged at all.  Log levels are additive, and available levels are:
                      1      (0x1 trace) trace function calls
                      2      (0x2 packets) debug packet handling
                      4      (0x4 args) heavy trace debugging (function args)
                      8      (0x8 conns) connection management
                      16     (0x10 BER) print out packets sent and received
                      32     (0x20 filter) search filter processing
                      64     (0x40 config) configuration file processing
                      128    (0x80 ACL) access control list processing
                      256    (0x100 stats) stats log connections/operations/results
                      512    (0x200 stats2) stats log entries sent
                      1024   (0x400 shell) print communication with shell backends
                      2048   (0x800 parse) entry parsing
                      4096   (0x1000 cache) caching (unused)
                      8192   (0x2000 index) data indexing (unused)
                      16384  (0x4000 sync) LDAPSync replication
                      32768  (0x8000 none) only messages that get logged whatever log level is set
              The  desired log level can be input as a single integer that combines the (ORed) desired levels, both in decimal or in
              hexadecimal notation, as a list of integers (that are ORed internally), or as a list  of  the  names  that  are  shown
              between brackets, such that

                  loglevel 129
                  loglevel 0x81
                  loglevel 128 1
                  loglevel 0x80 0x1
                  loglevel acl trace

              are  equivalent.   The  keyword any can be used as a shortcut to enable logging at all levels (equivalent to -1).  The
              keyword none, or the equivalent integer representation, causes those  messages  that  are  logged  regardless  of  the
              configured  loglevel to be logged.  In fact, if loglevel is set to 0, no logging occurs, so at least the none level is
              required to have high priority messages logged.  The loglevel defaults to stats.