Sr. Software Engineer-iOS/Android

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地点 上海 
薪资 30w左右 
职位一 Sr. Software Engineer-iOS/Android 
Design and develop on mobile software application system, to explore new opportunities and / or business model in US and EM region. 
Works under general direction in a project role and may serve as key functional core team member and/or lead role in extended team.   
o    Thorough understanding of mobile application technology and popular Smart mobile OS (iOS and / or Android, Windows Phone, mobile Linux) 
1.    iOS development 
o    Experience in Object-C in Xcode SDK and build environment of iOS platform 
o    Deeply involved in iOS application development 
o    Successful deployment of APP in AppStore of Apple 
2.    Android development 
o    Rich design and development experience in Android application development 
o    Successful deployment of APK in Android market 
o    Deeply involved in Android application development project 
3.    Other mobile Smart OS programming skill could be optional 
o    Thorough understanding of medical device industry and competitor products. 
o    Thorough understanding of clinical and regulatory pathways, IP and internal processes.  
o    In depth knowledge and wide application of technical principles, theories, and concepts in related field of expertise to develop innovative approaches to work.  
o    Know how to explore in open source project and technology 
o    Strong algorithm design competence, especially for video / audio streaming or network queuing 
o    Knowledge of popular software development processes, like Agile / Scrum, CMMI and so on. 
o    Knowledge of software development tool, like SVN, JIRA / SDK, like Xcode, Java, C#. 
o    Be enthusiastic to new technology in medical device industry 
o    Optional:  
o    Agile/Scrum training, Apple certificated iOS developer, Android certificated programmer 
o    Solid experience in code development in (at least one of) followings, C++, Java, Javascript, MFC, HTML5 (or equivalent web  technology) 
o    In depth knowledge of developing both high (GUI)  
o    Be Familiar with (at least one of) following development tools, MS-Visual Studio, Eclipse,  
o    Web based development competence, in J2EE / Ruby / Perl / PHP and so on. 
o    Network and communication technology, like TCP/IP, streaming, wireless connection or other communication system. 
职位二 医疗系统管理软件 开发工程师  
o    Experience in developing Medical Informatics Systems, including but not limited to Medical Device Monitor and Management Systems, Electronic Medical Records, Hospital/Lab/Clinical Information systems, Central Monitoring Systems, Alarm  Management Systems. Similar experience outside the medical field may also qualify. 
Open Source 
Linux/Unix         Must 
Gcc/Apache/PHP/Ruby        Must 
Eclipse        Must


急聘 上海 美资 资深软件开发工程师,硕士4y+ 本科5y+ 英文好 有前端html5, java/j2ee和后端mysql/oracle/DB2/MangoDB项目经验,企业级软甲架构,Distribute system,性能调试经验,年前发offer 25 - 30w 行业,产品不限。 
招聘 上海 浦东 美资 移动应用开发工程师 iOS/Android/windows mobile/Symbin其中两个或者以上的平台产品开发经验,本科5y+硕士4y+,英文好,有PM经验佳,医疗行业软件经验优先。薪资25 - 30w 年前发offer 速度投