opencv 2.2正式版出了(比预计日期晚了5天)

铂金小鬼 发布于 2010/12/06 12:36
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These are v2.2 packages for Windows: OpenCV-2.2.0-win32-vs2010.exe ----------------------------- installation package containing OpenCV source code, documentation, samples and pre-compiled 32-bit binaries for Visual Studio 2010 developers. It does not contain 64-bit binaries, binaries for other compilers, such as VS2008 or MinGW. It does not have TBB or IPP support built-in. If you need those, reconfigure and rebuild OpenCV from the source code -------------------- A subset of the above package that does not contain pre-compiled binaries. If you are going to rebuild OpenCV for your development environment, which is recommended to do, you can download this smaller package.