redfone elastix 安装指导[更新]图文安装版

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redfone pri 接入已经是相当稳定的产品了,他适合于asterisk cluster,系统备份等等超大型的应用方案。这里介绍如何和elastix 集成。

foneBRIDGE2 & Elastix 安装手册

Applies to the following foneBRIDGE2 Models:750-5000, 750-5000-EC, 750-5050, 750-5050-EC, 750-5050-Single, 750-5050-EC-Single
Updated June 05, 2008Hardware requirements

  • Modern Server platform
  • Pentium IV, Opteron, or faster is recommended
  • 512MB memory or greater
  • Ethernet interface
  • A dedicated Ethernet interface is recommended with Server grade NICs
  • Managed switch if not connecting the fonebridge directly to your Asterisk Server
Note: Intel Pro Gigabit Ethernet cards that utilize the e1000 driver have known performance issues.
If you are using this card make sure you have update it to the latest driver.

Software requirements
  • Elastix 1.1 or greater
  • fonulator v2.0- foneBRIDGE run-time config utility.
  • fb_flash_util(optional): Tool used for changing default IP address. NOTE: Contact support for assistance on installing and utilizing this utility if required.
Installation Overview1. Hardware Installation

2. Download and install fonulator configuration utility
3. Configure redfone.conf according to your implementation. 4. Configure zaptel.conf according to your implementation.
Hardware Installation

  • The foneBRIDGE2 can be mounted to a wallboard with installed flange mount brackets or placed upright desktop style.

  • Power is supplied through the included 5V DC adapter. Connector is located on back of box. Useage of any other power connector will void warranty.
  • TwoEthernet connections (FB1 & FB2) are provided to allow foralternate Ethernet routes or switch redundancy. Required cabling isstandard Ethernet straight-through/patch cabling.
  • The T1/E1ports are configurable on a per-port basis and can easily work in amixed environment of both T1 and E1. The foneBRIDGE2 comes in a Singleport model, upgradeable to Dual, a Dual T1/E1 model or Quad T1/E1.
  • Cablingused for the T1/E1 interfaces is standard T1/E1 crossover cables withRJ45 /RJ48 connections. Some PRI providers install connectivity withâ