Several workaround in mips simulation of SkyEye

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  Until 2007.8.9 , there is three workaround that need to do in kernel source for SkyEye.


1. define endian macro in include/asm-mips/inst.h to select proper union declearation. That will be employed in build_clear_page. To fix it , we should find some right place to define such macro in kernel source.


2.we use jiffies++ to replace jiffies_64++ in do_timer [ kernel/timer.c ] since jiffies_64 can not be updated correctly. It only update its upper 32 bit not its bottom 32 bit.



3. in obj_to_index function [ mm/slab.c ] reciprocal_divide can not get correct value .So we have to use offset / cache->buffer_size to replace it. Need to find its rootcause.