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Difference between shallow copy and deep copy?

What is advantage of categories? What is difference between implementing a category and inheritance?

Difference between categories and extensions?

Difference between protocol in objective c and interfaces in java?

What are KVO and KVC?

What is purpose of delegates?

What are mutable and immutable types in Objective C?

When we call objective c is runtime language what does it mean?

what is difference between NSNotification and protocol?

What is push notification?



What is responder chain?

Difference between frame and bounds?

Difference between method and selector?

Is there any garbage collection mechanism in Objective C.?

NSOperation queue?

What is lazy loading?

 Can we use two tableview controllers on one viewcontroller?

Can we use one tableview with two different datasources? How you will achieve this?

What is advantage of using RESTful webservices?

 When to use NSMutableArray and when to use NSArray?

What is the difference between REST and SOAP?

Give us example of what are delegate methods and what are data source methods of uitableview.

How many autorelease you can create in your application? Is there any limit?

If we don’t create any autorelease pool in our application then is there any autorelease pool already provided to us?

When you will create an autorelease pool in your application?

When retain count increase?

Difference between copy and assign in objective c?

What are commonly used NSObject class methods?

What is convenience constructor?

How to design universal application in Xcode?

What is keyword atomic in Objective C?

What are UIView animations?

How can you store data in iPhone applications?

What is coredata?

What is NSManagedObject model?

What is NSManagedobjectContext?

What is predicate?

What kind of persistence store we can use with coredata?