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从Android 2.0 SDK开始有关联系人provider的类变成了ContactsContract,虽然老的android.provider.Contacts能用,但是在SDK中标记为为deprecated将被放弃不推荐的方法,而从Android 2.0及API Level为5开始新增了android.provider.ContactsContract来代替原来的方法。不过Android123表示大家做两手准备,毕竟目前70%的设备以及Ophone 1.0和1.5均不支持ContactsContract。



1. ContactsContract.Contacts.TIMES_CONTACTED ="times_contacted"

The number of times a contact has been contacted

2. ContactsContract.Contacts.CONTACT_STATUS ="contact_status"

Contact's latest status update.

3. ContactsContract.Contacts.CUSTOM_RINGTONE ="custom_ringtone"

URI for a custom ringtone associated with the contact. Ifnull or missing, the default ringtone is used.

4. ContactsContract.Contacts.HAS_PHONE_NUMBER ="has_phone_number"

An indicator of whether this contact has at least one phonenumber. "1" if there is at least one phone number, "0"otherwise.

5. ContactsContract.Contacts.PHONETIC_NAME = "phonetic_name"

Pronunciation of the full name in the phonetic alphabetspecified by PHONETIC_NAME_STYLE.

6. ContactsContract.Contacts.PHONETIC_NAME_STYLE ="phonetic_name_style"

The phonetic alphabet used to represent the PHONETIC_NAME.See PhoneticNameStyle.

7. ContactsContract.Contacts.CONTACT_STATUS_LABEL ="contact_status_label"

The resource ID of the label describing the source ofcontact status, e.g. "Google Talk". This resource is scoped by theCONTACT_STATUS_RES_PACKAGE.

8. ContactsContract.Contacts.LOOKUP_KEY = "lookup"

An opaque value that contains hints on how to find thecontact if its row id changed as a result of a sync or aggregation.

9. ContactsContract.Contacts.CONTACT_STATUS_ICON ="contact_status_icon"

The resource ID of the icon for the source of contactstatus. This resource is scoped by the


10. ContactsContract.Contacts.LAST_TIME_CONTACTED= "last_time_contacted"

The last time a contact was contacted.

11. ContactsContract.Contacts.DISPLAY_NAME= "display_name"

The display name for the contact.

12. ContactsContract.Contacts.SORT_KEY_ALTERNATIVE= "sort_key_alt"

Sort key based on the alternative representation of thefull name, DISPLAY_NAME_ALTERNATIVE. Thus for Western names, it is the oneusing the "family name first" format.

13. ContactsContract.Contacts.IN_VISIBLE_GROUP= "in_visible_group"

Lookup value that reflects the GROUP_VISIBLE state of anyContactsContract.CommonDataKinds.GroupMembership for this contact.

14. ContactsContract.Contacts._ID= "_id"

The unique ID for a row.

15. ContactsContract.Contacts.STARRED= "starred"

Is the contact starred?

16. ContactsContract.Contacts.SORT_KEY_PRIMARY= "sort_key"

Sort key that takes into account locale-based traditionsfor sorting names in address books.

17. ContactsContract.Contacts.DISPLAY_NAME_ALTERNATIVE= "display_name_alt"

An alternative representation of the display name, such as"family name first" instead of "given name first" forWestern names. If an alternative is not available, the values should be thesame as DISPLAY_NAME_PRIMARY

18. ContactsContract.Contacts.CONTACT_PRESENCE= "contact_presence"

Contact presence status. See ContactsContract.StatusUpdatesfor individual status definitions.

19. ContactsContract.Contacts.DISPLAY_NAME_SOURCE= "display_name_source"

The kind of data that is used as the display name for thecontact, such as structured name or email address. See DisplayNameSources.TODO: convert DisplayNameSources to a link after it is un-hidden

20. ContactsContract.Contacts.CONTACT_STATUS_RES_PACKAGE= "contact_status_res_package"

The package containing resources for this status: label andicon.

21. ContactsContract.Contacts.CONTACT_STATUS_TIMESTAMP= "contact_status_ts"

The absolute time in milliseconds when the latest statuswas inserted/updated.

22. ContactsContract.Contacts.PHOTO_ID= "photo_id"

Reference to the row in the data table holding the photo.

23. ContactsContract.Contacts.SEND_TO_VOICEMAIL= "send_to_voicemail"

Whether the contact should always be sent to voicemail. Ifmissing, defaults to false.



private void listColumnNames(){
      private Uri contactUri =ContactsContract.Contacts.CONTENT_URI;
      ContentResolver resolver = this.getContentResolver();
      Cursor cursor =resolver.query(contactUri, null,null, null,null);
      int columnNumber = cursor.getColumnCount();
      for(int i = 0; i <columnNumber; i++){
            String temp =cursor.getColumnName(i);
            Log.e("listColumnNames","" + i + "\t" + temp);