DS-5 的示例项目

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The example projects provided with DS-5 illustrate how to use the DS-5 toolchain to create and debug a variety of project types:
nCalendar is a simple bare metal application, used to
illustrate concepts from the DS-5 documentation.

  • Fireworks is a more complex bare metal application ported to BeagleBoard.

  • Distribution is a complete Linux distribution for the Cortex-A8 Real-Time System Model.

  • Gnometris is an open source Linux application similar to the game Tetris.

  • Example_library demonstrates how to create a simple shared library in C for ARM Linux.

  • Threads is a simple multi-threaded Linux application that illustrates how the tools handle multiple threads.

  • Cpp, cpp_library, cppex and cppex_library are examples of object creation and exception handling.