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conary install gcc


[root@NAS etc]# conary help

Conary Software Configuration Management System

Information Display
  config        Display the current configuration
  help          Display help information
  query/q       Query the local system database
  rblist        List the rollbacks available in the rollback stack
  rdiff         Display differences between troves
  repquery/rq   Query one or more Conary repositories
  search        Search the system model for available packages
  showcs/scs    Display information about a changeset file
  verify        Verify filesystem matches conary database

Miscellaneous Commands
  localcs       Create a changeset that represents local changes

Repository Access
  changeset/cs  Request a changeset from one or more Conary repositories
  commit        Commit a changeset to a Conary repository

System Modification
  emerge        Build software from source and install it on the system
  erase         Erase software from the system
  install       Install software on the system
  localcommit   Apply a changeset generated by localcs to the system
  migrate       Migrate the system to a different group
  patch         Patch software on the system
  pin           Pin software on the system
  remove/rm     Remove a file the system and Conary control
  repair        Undo local changes to files owned by troves (EXPERIMENTAL)
  restore       Restore files which have been removed from installed troves
  revert        Revert the journal from a failed operation.
  rmrollback/rmrb  Remove old rollbacks
  rollback/rb   Roll back operations stored in the rollback stack
  syncchildren/sync  Synchronize software on the system
  unpin         Unpin software on the system
  update        Update or install software on the system
  updateall     Update all the software on the system