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Bugzero 5.8.5怎么发布?


我没有用你的这個版本,我试用的是Version 6.5.0225,在Windows平台上使用还是非常方便的将整个项目放在tomcat的webapps目录下,启动tomcat服务器,访问http://localhost:8080/bugzero你就可以看到如下信息了。

Welcome! If you see this through your servlet engine, it means that Bugzero has been deployed. If you are viewing this file locally, please read 'How to install' below.

How to install: Bugzero installation involves two major parts. One is setting up the database (connectivity) and the other is deploying onto an application server. You should first read the requirements online or see WEB-INF/README.txt, and then launch the setup program. It will guide you through to configure and then deploy Bugzero. The 'setup' program is located under the directory WEB-INF. On Windows, you can type or double click on setup.cmd; on Unix/Linux, you might need type 'chmod +x setup' first and then type ./setup. If your environment does not have the graphics support to run the setup program, you can use command-line manual installation, see WEB-INF/README.txt.

If you have deployed Bugzero but haven't done the setup, you need do so and then restart your servlet container (engine).
Internationalization and UTF-8: If you want support languages like Chinese, you must set system.charset=UTF-8 in system.properties. Further, your database must use unicode charset. For more details see online.

How to upgrade:  If you have already installed Bugzero and want to upgrade to a new version or edition, please read the upgrade instructions online or see WEB-INF/upgrade.txt. After deploy and setup:  After a fresh installation, you can first login as user 'admin', and start to add and manage user groups, user accounts, and projects. You can then login as an end-user the admin has added.