android ant 编译如何跳过资源文件,大神来讨论下,没思路

吞鱼小王子 发布于 2013/02/06 11:15
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<property name="aapt.resource.filter" value="" />
    <!-- 'aapt.ignore.assets' is the list of file patterns to ignore under /res and /assets.
         Default is "!.svn:!.git:.*:<dir>_*:!CVS:!thumbs.db:!picasa.ini:!*.scc:*~"

         Overall patterns syntax is:

         - The first character flag ! avoids printing a warning.
         - Pattern can have the flag "<dir>" to match only directories
           or "<file>" to match only files. Default is to match both.
         - Match is not case-sensitive.
    <property name="aapt.ignore.assets" value="" /> 
[!][<dir>|<file>][*suffix-match|prefix-match*|full-match]:more:patterns... 这行说明愣是没看懂,上面的sdk下的ant的一段基本,说ignore assets和res 但是现在打包需要ignore res下面的某个drawable文件夹。现在好像做不到,没什么思路。 还有一个方案就是build之前move出去这个drawable 等build结束在move回来。感觉不妥 单纯的ignore某一类文件可以,但是没法过滤目录