configuration for eclipseME plugin in eclipse 3.1[eclipse ME 在eclipse 3.1中的配置(以MOTO为例)]

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  1. install eclipseME plugin
  2. install sun's wireless tool kit 2.1 or other compatible toolkits
  3. enter  windows->preference->platform components, right click wireless ToolKits and select add..... Select the right directory(sample: C:/WTK21)
  4. for Moto SDK,
    1.  you may choose to add one profile. sample(MOTOM1--add in M1 lib as external jar)
    2. Add platform definition. Sample(MOTOM1--select the profile MOTOM1)
    3. Enter Run->External Tools->External Tools.. and create a new configuration by clicking button(NEW) Parameters are set as below sample for V600(j2me-v600):
    • Location: C:/Program Files/Motorola/SDK v4.3 for J2ME/EmulatorA.1/bin/emujava.exe
    • working directory: c:/Program Files/Motorola/SDK v4.3 for J2ME/EmulatorA.1/bin
    • arguments: ${project_loc}/deployed/${project_name}.jad -deviceFile resources/V600.props
    • you may get working information by run "C:/Program Files/Motorola/SDK v4.3 for J2ME/launchpad.exe"
  5. To create a new J2ME project, you may first create a j2me project and then create a midlet
  6. To test it with MOTO V600 simulator, you need to create the package first and then select run->external tools->j2me-v600
  7. To test it with sun's simulator, just enter run->run as->Emulated J2ME Midlet