Poechant 解决 MS Office:the setup controller has encountered a problem during install

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打开OFFICE word 2007和OFFICE word 2010,提示:

the setup controller has encountered a problem during install. Please review the log files for further informatin on the error.

点确定仍能正常运行Word,EXCEL则没有出现该提示,网络上的解决办法如下:删除Office Setup Controllerm目录

office 2007对应目录C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\OFFICE12\Office Setup Controller

office 2000对应目录C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\OFFICE11\Office Setup Controller

那么Office Setup Controller目录有什么作用?删除后对OFFCIE程序是否有影响呢?
微软对于Office Setup Controller目录的说明:

The Office Setup Controller manages the overall 2007 Office system installation experience. It is responsible for making sure that the local installation source is present and complete. After verifying that each computer has been properly prepared, the Setup engine installs and configures the chosen programs. Changes are made to both the file system and the registry by using the underlying Windows Installer technology, which helps ensure maximum compatibility and robustness for all users.

office安装控制器,管理安装相关的工作,确保安装源存在并完整,比如发现你的序列号不对让你重新输入。确认每个计算机已经准备妥善,安装引擎开始安装、配置相关选项。所以删除Office Setup Controller目录不影响OFFICE工作。