Rayeager PX2开发板芯片详解

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瑞芯微推出一款SOC芯片,基于双核Cortex-A9核心,主频1.4GHz,搭配GPU:Mali-400。初看上去与RK3066很相似,起初我并没有找到很多关于PX2芯片的资料,但是芯客网ChipSPARK推出了一款基于PX2芯片的Rayeager PX2开源开发板。开发板有1GB和2GB版本,8GB EMMC闪存,具备各种常用接口包括SATA2.0接口。

Rayeager PX2参数:
·        SoC – Rockchip PX2 dual core Cortex A9 @1.4 GHz with Mali-400 MP4 GPU
·        System Memory – 1 to 2 GB DDR3@400MHz
·        Storage – 8 GB eMMC flash, micro SD slot,and SATA 2.0 interface for 2.5″ and 3.5″ hard drives (the latter may requireexternal power supply)
·        Video Output – HDMI, and VGA up to 1080p,, and LCD interface
·        Video Input – 1x CVBS input 3.5mmcomposite jack, 1x YPbPr input
·        Audio I/O – HDMI, 3.5 mm headphone jack,optical S/PDIF, 1x microphone, audio output headers
·        Video Playback – 1080p videoencoding/decoding
·        Connectivity – 10/100M Ethernet, Wi-Fi andBluetooth
·        USB – 3x USB 2.0 host ports, 1x micro USBOTG port
·        Debugging – USB debug interface
·        Header – Camera connector, TS (transportstream) interface, GPIO headers, LCD interface. Total 95-pin including GPIO, 3xI2C, SPI, CIF, RGB, SARADC, HSADC, UART, 2x PWM, TS, etc…
·        Misc – IR receiver, reset and powerbuttons, 3x user keys, 2x jumpers
·        Power Supply – 5V @ 2.0A
·        Dimensions – 15 x 9.7 cm
芯客网ChipSPARK提供全开源U-Boot v2014.01-rc3,Linux 3.0.36+和Android 4.4.2。在芯客网ChipSPARK网站wiki中提供了其余相关文件信息。

在芯客网ChipSPARK官网 论坛中找到了Rockchip PX2芯片的datasheet,其中部分介绍PX2如下:
RK PX2 is a low power, high performance processor for auto audioequipments, building intercom, POS device and other industry users, andintegrates dual-core Cortex-A9 with separately NEON and FPU coprocessor.
Embedded 3D GPU makes RK PX2 completely compatible with OpenGL ES2.0 and1.1, OpenVG 1.1. Special 2D hardware engine with MMU will maximize displayperformance and provide very smoothly operation.
Many embedded powerful hardware engines provide optimized performance forhigh-end application. RK PX2 supports almost full-format video decoder by1080p@60fps, also support H.264/MVC/VP8 encoder by 1080p@30fps, high-qualityJPEG encoder/decoder, special image preprocessor and postprocessor .
RK PX2 has high-performance external memory interface (DDR3/LPDDR2/LVDDR3) capable of sustaining demanding memory bandwidths, also provides acomplete set of peripheral interface to support very flexible applications.
根据PX2芯片datasheet来看,PX2更专注于工业应用方面的优化。对比Rockchip RK3066是针对大众消费的芯片,比如平板和电视盒子。