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1   什么是JavaFX?

Maybe you've worked with previous versions of JavaFX or maybe you are new to JavaFX. Either way, this doc explains the features of JavaFX 2.0 Beta and what type of applications you can build with it.

2   开始JavaFX之旅

Once you've gotten a feel for JavaFX, you're ready to try building an application. This guide steps you through the basics of a JavaFX application, then shows how to enhance the application with visual effects and bring it to life with animation.

3   JavaFX 架构和框架

Now for a little deep diving. This guide explains the JavaFX 2.0 APIs and the programming model.

UI Controls 布局

Many applications need controls. Here you'll learn about the button, text box, scroll bar, and the rest of the controls, and also how to ensure they are properly positioned, aligned, and resized. You'll see samples of how to use each control.

5   更多内容

We have documentation about the JavaFX scene graph, embedded browser, media, interoperability with Swing, and more. You'll find it all at