Akka 主要的功能和扩展模块列表

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Akka 是一个用 Scala 编写的库,用于简化编写容错的、高可伸缩性的 Java 和 Scala 的 Actor 模型应用。

Akka 主要功能包括:

Akka 提供的扩展模块:

  • Persistence: A set of pluggable back-end storage modules that works in sync with the STM.
    • CouchDB distributed document based database.
    • Cassandra distributed and highly scalable database.
    • MongoDB document database.
    • Redis data structures database.
    • HBase open source BigTable implementation.
    • Terrastore document database based on Terracotta.
    • Memcached distributed object cache.
    • Membase distributed key-value database.
    • Riak distributed, dynamo-inspired key-value database.
  • Camel: Expose actors as Apache Camel endpoints.
  • Spring: Wire up typed actors in the Spring config using Akka's namespace.
  • REST (JAX-RS): Expose actors as REST services.
  • OSGi: Akka and all its dependency is OSGi enabled.
  • Mist: Expose actors as asynchronous HTTP services.
  • Security: Basic, Digest and Kerberos based security.
  • Microkernel: Run Akka as a stand-alone self-hosted kernel.
  • FSM: Finite State Machine support.
  • JTA: Let the STM interoperate with other transactional resources.
  • Pub/Sub: Publish-Subscribe across remote nodes.