Submin 2.0 安装

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Submin Installation

Installing from debian package:


Installing from source:

    Download tarball from
    Extract the tarball
    execute: python install
    => submin will be installed in site-packages, an executable submin2-admin
       will be installed in /usr/bin

Create submin environment

Multiple submin installations can co-exist on the same server. Therefore, for
each installation, an environment must be created. All data (repositories,
configuration, etc) are located in one directory, for example /var/lib/submin.

To create a submin environment, follow instructions after executing:

    submin2-admin /var/lib/submin initenv your@email.address

For help on submin-admin, execute the following command:

    submin2-admin <anything> help
    submin2-admin <anything> help <subcommand>

Git support (optional)

Git support requires a special user to be created and some additional settings.
Run the following command as root and follow the instructions:

    submin2-admin /var/lib/submin git init

Configure Apache2 Webserver

To activate the submin2 website, the configuration should be included into
Apache2. If you have used defaults, run the following command as root:

    ln -s /var/lib/submin/conf/apache.cgi.conf /etc/apache2/conf.d/

Now restart your webserver to activate the new settings.

    apachectl restart

Login to your Submin2 website

The email-address you have provided with the 'initenv' command above has
received a password reset email. Read your email and click the link. You will
get another email with the password. You can use this to login.

Happy subminning :)