unity3d 二维纹理 Texture 2D

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  Textures bring your Meshes, Particles, and interfaces to life! They are image or movie files that you lay over or wrap around your objects. As they are so important, they have a lot of properties. If you are reading this for the first time, jump down to Details, and return to the actual settings when you need a reference.

  The shaders you use for your objects put specific requirements on which textures you need, but the basic principle is that you can put any image file inside your project. If it meets the size requirements (specified below), it will get imported and optimized for game use. unity3d http://www.unitymanual.com This extends to multi-layer Photoshop or TIFF files - they are flattened on import, so there is no size penalty for your game.


  Properties 属性

  The Texture Inspector looks a bit different from most others:


The top section contains a few settings, and the bottom part contains the Texture Importer and the texture preview.