Gravitational Gravity - 为云原生应用程序提供可移植性的工具包

Gravity 是一个开源工具包,为云原生应用程序提供真正的可移植性。它允许开发人员将 Kubernetes 集群及其所有应用程序打包到一个名为“Cluster Image”的文件中。 每个 C...

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Gravitational Gravity

ContainerOps - 云原生的 DevOps Orchestration

ContainerOps 是云原生(Cloud Native)的 DevOps Orchestration。定义 DevOps 组件的基本容器,如Docker 或 rkt。 在浏览器中使用 WY...

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MyDailyLearn Here is some important commands or code snippets on different topics that I am learn...

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MadClones Dev | Staging | Master Welcome to my mono repo madClones. Started as a small monolith p...

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Athena Simple, Docker-powered PDF conversions. Athena is comprised of an Electron command line in...

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kubernetes-handbook-projects - Project codes used in "The Kubernetes Handbook"

Kubernetes Handbook Projects 🔔 NOTIFICATION There are two branches in this repository. The maste...

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Building & Deploying with Bazel on Kubernetes Engine Table of Contents Building & Deploying with ...

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Adapt - ReactJS for your infrastructure. AdaptJS is a system to easily, reliably, and repeatably ...

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