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授权协议: MIT
开发语言: JavaScript
操作系统: 跨平台
收录时间: 2019-06-02
提 交 者: 红薯

MindCast 是一个 React-Native 流媒体音频应用程序,以Podcast的形式提供知识。



  • Choose your interests (all, technology, philosfy, science, business, pop-culture or history - it will be used to make requests in order to have a personalized app with what the user want to hear about)

  • Get informations about a specific Author, with his New Releases/Featured Podcats and Related Authors

  • Get Informations about a specific Podcast, with its description and Author

  • Listen and download a single podcasts to listen offline (no need to create a playlist)

  • Playlists

    • Create, Edit and Remove your Playlists
    • Download Playlists to listen when the user goes offline
    • Undownload Playlists
  • Player to listen the selected podcasts and also be able to:

    • Shuffle Playlist
    • Repeat Playist
    • Repeat a single Podcast
    • Donwload the current podcast
    • Add the current Podcast to a Playlist
    • Access the queue of next podcasts that will be played
    • Remove podcasts from the queue
    • Play/Pause the current Podcast
    • Next/Previous podcast on the Playlsit
  • Bottom Player

    • Access the bottom player out of the Player screen in order to keep tracking the current podcast
    • Get the Author and the Title of the current podcast
    • Play/Pause/Forward the current podcast
    • Track the timer of the current podcast
  • Discover

    • A Dashboard with:
      • Trending Authors
      • Hottest Podcasts
      • New Podcasts Released
  • Search

    • Search for Authors by name

    • Get information about a certain category, showing it's featured and trending podcats, and the authors that talk about this category

  • Library

    • Create Playlists, add podcasts and download it to listen offline

    • Access Your Podcasts (Downloaded + Podcasts saved on your Playlists) in the form of playlist

    • Access your Podcasts downloaded in the form of playlist

    • Access recently played podcasts in the form of playlist

    • Change your interests

  • Settings

    • Choose between the Dark and Light theme


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