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授权协议 Apache
开发语言 C/C++
操作系统 跨平台
软件类型 开源软件
所属分类 程序开发多媒体处理
开发厂商 Intel
地区 不详
提 交 者 红薯
适用人群 未知
收录时间 2019-07-31


libXCam是一个扩展相机功能的项目,专注于图像质量改进和视频分析。 图像预处理,图像后处理和智能分析支持许多功能。 该库使GPU / CPU / ISP协同工作以提高图像质量。 OpenCL用于提高不同平台的性能。


  • Image processing features
    • Advanced features
      • Automotive surround view(360) stitching (OpenCL/CPU/GLES)
        • Support bowl view 3D model stitching by 4 video input.
        • Enable geometry remap for WFoV camera calibration(intrinsic and extrinsic data).
        • Quality and performance improved (OpenCL/CPU/GLES).
        • CPU version upstreamed into AOSP for automotive surround view.
        • Enable Vulkan to improve performance.
      • 360 video stitching (Equirectangular mode via OpenCL)
        • Support 2-fisheye (>180 degree) video stream stitching.
        • Performance and quality improved.
      • DNN inference framework
        • Support pedestrian and vehicle detection.
      • Digital Video Stabilization
        • OpenCV feature-matched based video stabilization.
        • gyroscope 3-DoF (orientation) based video stabilization.
      • Blender: multi-band blender (OpenCL/CPU/GLES)
      • Noise reduction (OpenCL)
        • adaptive NR based on wavelet-haar and Bayersian shrinkage.
        • 3D-NR with inter-block and intra-block reference.
        • wavelet-hat NR (obsolete).
      • Wide dynamic range (WDR) (OpenCL)
        • histogram adjustment tone-mapping.
        • gaussian-based tone-mapping (obsolete).
      • Fog removal: retinex and dark channel prior algorithm (OpenCL)
        • dark channel prior algorithm based defog.
        • multi-scale retinex based defog (obsolete).
    • Basic pipeline from bayer to YUV/RGB format (OpenCL / AtomISP)
      • Gamma correction, MACC, color space, demosaicing, simple bilateral noise reduction, edge enhancement and temporal noise reduction.
    • 3A features
      • Auto whitebalance, auto exposure, auto focus, black level correction, color correction, 3a-statistics calculation.
  • Support 3rd party 3A lib which can be loaded dynamically
    • hybrid 3a plugin.
  • Support 3a analysis tuning framework for different features
  • Support smart analysis framework
    • Face detection interface/plugin.
  • Enable gstreamer plugin
    • xcamsrc, capture from usb/isp camera, process 3a/basic/advanced features.
    • xcamfilter, improve image quality by advanced features and smart analysis.


  • install gcc/g++, automake, autoconf, libtool, gawk, pkg-config
  • Linux kernel > 3.10
  • install ocl-icd-dev, ocl-icd-opencl-dev
  • If --enable-gst, need install libgstreamer1.0-dev, libgstreamer-plugins-base1.0-dev
  • If --enable-aiq, need get ia_imaging lib which we don't support
  • If --enable-libcl, need compile or install OpenCL driver
  • If --enable-opencv, suggest OpenCV versions [3.0.0 - 3.4.3] (or: OpenCV Wiki)
  • If --enable-render, need compile OpenSceneGraph library with configure option "-DOSG_WINDOWING_SYSTEM=X11"
  • If --enable-gles, need to install Mesa3D library
  • If --enable-vulkan, need to install Mesa3D library
  • If --enable-dnn, need to compile OpenVino inference-engine


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