jQuery webPrejudice Plugin



I believe most developers have been experiencing compatiblity issues with so-called brwosers. I know you have spent lots of time fixing pages to grace all browsers. So have I. I feel distressed, exhausted when finishing tweaking. The last words I want to voice out ---- I hate this!
Why not ask visitors to change another browser?! This plugin is set to list pros and cons of various browsers and recommend visitors to alter their browser!


  • jQuery Libary, just download from jQuery Official Site
  • webPrejudice script file. You can download it from below
  • a little knowledge on xhtml and js


This plugin will check the type and version of the browser the visitor is using, and show a UI box to recommend visitors to change his browser, etc.
You can also manually choose the browser you want to prejudice on, and the plugin will help you tell the visitor how bad is the browser he's using and the benifits of other browsers!
Currently only 3 parameters are avaiblable, all of which are optional.

  • disable if the plugin is disabled. Don't assign any vallue and the plugin will work. Set to "true" if you want to disable the plugin.
  • loc the path of XML file where stores the language settings of this plugin.
  • target the browser you want to condem. You can choose from "ie6","ie7,"ie8","safari","mozilla","opera", or leave it blank. Default is "ie6". (Most people will agree with my prejudice on IE6)


Load jQuery Libary
You can directly add the following code in <head> tag:
<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery..js"></script>
Load webPrejudice Plugin
<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.webPrejudice.js"></script>
Assing the target object
Use it inside jQuery(document).ready() block:
You can, of course , apply some change, customizing the xml path and target browser:
loc: "pathtoxml/set.xml",
target: "opera"
Codes above will using the language settings in set.xml and the plugin will help you persuade visitors to drop out Opera and use another browser.
XML Preferrence File
By default, all lines are English, you can localize this plugin by creating XML Preferrence File in your own language. Open default.xml and edit it following the structure of this sample xml. The links of browsers downloading page are also in this xml file.