Percona Server for MySQL 5.7.23-23 发布

发布于 2018年09月13日
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Percona Server for MySQL 5.7.23-23 已发布,基于 MySQL 5.7.23,包含其中所的 bug 修复,Percona Server for MySQL 5.7.23-2 是目前 5.7 系列的最新稳定版本。更新如下:


  • The max_binlog_files variable is deprecated, and the binlog_space_limit variable should be used instead of it. The behavior of binlog_space_limit is consistent with the variable relay-log-space-limit used for relay logs; both variables have the same semantics. For more information, see #275.

  • Starting with 5.7.23-23, it is possible to encrypt all data in the InnoDB system tablespace and in the parallel double write buffer. This feature is considered ALPHA quality. A new variable innodb_sys_tablespace_encrypt is introduced to encrypt the system tablespace. The encryption of the parallel double write buffer file is controlled by the variable innodb_parallel_dblwr_encrypt. Both variables are OFF by default. For more information, see #3822.

  • Changing rocksdb_update_cf_options returns any warnings and errors to the client instead of printing them to the server error log. For more information, see #4258.

  • rocksdb_number_stat_computers and rocksdb_rate_limit_delay_millis variables have been removed. For more information, see #4780.

  • A number of new variables were introduced for MyRocksrocksdb_rows_filtered to show the number of rows filtered out for TTL in MyRocks tables, rocksdb_bulk_load_allow_sk to allow adding secondary keys using the bulk loading feature, rocksdb_error_on_suboptimal_collation toggling warning or error in case of an index creation on a char field where the table has a sub-optimal collation, rocksdb_stats_recalc_ratespecifying the number of indexes to recalculate per second, rocksdb_commit_time_batch_for_recoverytoggler of writing the commit time write batch into the database, and rocksdb_write_policy specifying when two-phase commit data are actually written into the database.

Bug 修复

  • The statement SELECT...ORDER BY produced inconsistent results with the euckr charset or euckr_bin collation. Bug fixed #4513 (upstream #91091).

  • InnoDB statistics could incorrectly report zeros in the slow query log. Bug fixed #3828.

  • With the FIPS mode enabled and performance_schema=off, the instance crashed when running the CREATE VIEW command. Bug fixed #3840.

  • The soft limit of the core file size was set incorrectly starting with PS 5.7.21-20. Bug fixed #4479.

  • The option innodb-optimize-keys could fail when a dumped table has two columns such that the name of one of them contains the other as as a prefix and is defined with the AUTO_INCREMENT attribute. Bug fixed #4524.

  • When innodb_temp_tablespace_encrypt was set to ON the CREATE TABLE command could ignore the value of the ENCRYPTION option. Bug fixed #4565.

  • If FLUSH STATUS was run from a different session, a statement could be counted twice in GLOBAL STATUS. Bug fixed #4570 (upstream #91541).

  • In some cases, it was not possible to set the flush_caches variable on systems that use systemd. Bug fixed #3796.

  • A message in the MyRocks log file did not clearly inform whether fast CRC32 was supported. Bug fixed #3988.

  • mysqld could not be started on Ubuntu if the database recovery had taken longer than ten minutes. Bug fixed #4546 (upstream #91423).

  • The ALTER TABLE command was slow when the number of dirty pages was high. Bug fixed #3702.

  • Setting the global variable version_suffix to NULL could lead to a server crash. Bug fixed #4785.



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