Web GIS 开发框架 mapbox-gl-js v0.49 发布

发布于 2018年09月13日
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WEB GIS 开发框架 mapbox-gl-js v0.49 已发布,Mapbox GL JS 是一个 JavaScript 库,使用 WebGL 渲染交互式矢量瓦片地图和栅格瓦片地图。WebGL 渲染意味着高性能,MapboxGL 能够渲染大量的地图要素,拥有流畅的交互以及动画效果、可以显示立体地图并且支持移动端,是一款十分优秀的 WEB GIS(地理信息系统) 开发框架。

Breaking changes

  • Use client{Height/Width} instead of offset{Height/Width} for map canvas sizing (#6848, fixed by #7128)

Bug 修复

  • Fix Top Issues list for mapbox-gl-js (#7108, fixed by #7112)

  • Fix bug in which symbols with icon-allow-overlap: true, text-allow-overlap: true, text-optional: false would show icons when they shouldn't (#7041)

  • Fix bug where the map would not stop at the exact zoom level requested by Map#FlyTo (#7222) (#7223) (h/t benoitbzl)

  • Keep map centered on the center point of a multi-touch gesture when zooming (#6722) (#7191) (h/t pakastin)

  • Update the style-spec's old gl-style-migrate script to include conversion of legacy functions and filters to their expression equivalents (#6927, fixed by #7095)

  • Fix icon-size for small data-driven values (#7125)

  • Fix bug in the way AJAX requests load local files on iOS web view (#6610) (h/t oscarfonts)

  • Fix bug in which canvas sources would not render in world wrapped tiles at the edge of the viewport ([#7271]#7271), fixed by #7273)


  • Improve time to first render by updating how feature ID maps are transferred to the main thread (#7110, fixed by #7132)

  • Reduce size of JSON transmitted from worker thread to main thread (#7124)

  • Improve image/glyph atlas packing algorithm (#7171)

  • Use murmur hash on symbol instance keys to reduce worker transfer costs (#7127)

  • Add GL state management for uniforms (#6018)

  • Add symbol-z-order symbol layout property to style spec (#7219)

  • Implement data-driven styling support for *-pattern properties (#6289)

  • Add Map#fitScreenCoordinates which fits viewport to two points, similar to Map#fitBounds but uses screen coordinates and supports non-zero map bearings (#6894)

  • Re-implement LAB/HSL color space interpolation for expressions (#5326, fixed by #7123)

  • Enable benchmark testing for Mapbox styles (#7047)

  • Allow Map#setFeatureState and Map#getFeatureState to accept numeric IDs (#7106) (h/t bfrengley)


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