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发布于 2010年06月22日
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- Issue #8202: Previous change to ``sys.argv[0]`` handling for -m command line option reverted due to unintended side effects on handling of ``sys.path``.

- Issue #8941: decoding big endian UTF-32 data in UCS-2 builds could crash the interpreter with characters outside the Basic Multilingual Plane (higher than 0x10000).

- In the unicode/str.format(), raise a ValueError when indexes to arguments are too large.


- Issue #8854: Fix finding Visual Studio 2008 on Windows x64.

- Issue #8959: fix regression caused by using unmodified libffi library on Windows. ctypes does now again check the stack before and after calling foreign functions.

- Issue #8720: fix regression caused by fix for #4050 by making getsourcefile smart enough to find source files in the linecache.

- Issue #8986: math.erfc was incorrectly raising OverflowError for values between -27.3 and -30.0 on some platforms.

- Issue #8924: logging: Improved error handling for Unicode in exception text.

- Issue #8948: cleanup functions and class / module setups and teardowns are now honored in unittest debug methods.


- Issues #8909: Added the size of the bitmap used in the installer created by distutils' bdist_wininst. Patch by Anatoly Techtonik.

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