dotCMS 1.7 RC4 发布

发布于 2009年03月19日
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该版本引入一个新的插件体系,该体系结构大大的改进了模块的开发、功能的扩展,以及第三方的扩展,这些插件可以通过 Ant 进行发布和卸载。

Override/customize virtually any action, property, macro, or code in dotCMS without breaking the upgrade path. Much improved multi-lingual capabilities. WebDAV access to language property files. Cleanup of the multilingual content editing interface. Multilingual content import. An improved Glossary Management interface. Fallback to default language content if none is available in the language you are viewing. Currently running production sites with more than 30 languages. Front-end content submission and contribution. Expose content editing form for front-end users with a velocity macro. Cluster and performance improvements. A journal of changes managed in the database (no more jgroups or multicast). Single Thread re-indexer. Use of pre-compiled prepared statements. Content relationships are stored in an on-disk Lucene index. Default cache sizing optimizations.

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