CMake 3.12.2 发布,自动化构建系统

发布于 2018年09月08日
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cmake 3.12.2 已发布。CMake 是一个跨平台的自动化建构系统,它使用一个名为 CMakeLists.txt 的文件来描述构建过程,可以产生标准的构建文件,如 Unix 的 Makefile 或Windows Visual C++ 的 projects/workspaces 。文件 CMakeLists.txt 需要手工编写,也可以通过编写脚本进行半自动的生成。CMake 提供了比 autoconfig 更简洁的语法。

Changes in 3.12.2 since 3.12.1:

Brad King (5):

      Android: Add support for NDK r18

      CheckIPOSupported: Simplify result reporting logic

      CheckIPOSupported: Tolerate backslashes in output of failed checks

      VS: Restore CMakeLists.txt references in each target

      CMake 3.12.2

Craig Scott (2):

      EXPORT_PROPERTIES: Add test for an undefined property

      EXPORT_PROPERTIES: Prevent null dereference for undefined property

David Demelier (1):

      Help: Fix typo in clang-tidy example -checks option

Igor Kostenko (1):

      FindBoost: Fix context discovery for 1.60 and below

Kenta Kubo (1):

      FindCUDA: Do not find cublas_device on CUDA >= 9.2

Raffi Enficiaud (1):

      FindMatlab: Remove erroneous duplicate code

Robert Maynard (1):

      CUDA: Avoid using deprecated cublas_device to identify device lib dirs

Shane Parris (1):

      cmState: Clear GlobVerificationManager state on Reset

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