JavaMelody 1.74.0 发布,Java 应用监控平台

发布于 2018年09月06日
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JavaMelody 1.74.0 发布了,JavaMelody 的目标是在 QA 和生产环境中监视 Java 或 Java EE 应用程序。


  • It is a recommended upgrade for security to fix a XML External Entity (XXE) processing vulnerability. CVE-ID is CVE-2018-15531. Thanks to mounsurf & huanying for reporting the vulnerability.

  • fix sql monitoring from jndi datasource when Tomcat's is customized (38211a7)

  • fix: do not require Log4J when sending metrics to InfluxDB or Datadog.

  • In the Jenkins Monitoring plugin, fix #768: warning logs about serializing anonymous classes.

  • added: native calendar widget to choose dates for a custom period (84a1d63, with help from my colleague Fabien at KleeGroup)

  • added: workaround a JBoss and WildFly bug in MBeans tree (#757)

  • added: it is now possible to customize css and js of the monitoring reports by adding the /net/bull/javamelody/resource/themedMonitoring.css and /net/bull/javamelody/resource/themedMonitoring.js files as resources in your application, in order to override or add values. This is the case for example in the javamelody dark theme which is ready to use as a Maven dependency in your pom.xml



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