Redisson 2.13.0 和 3.8.0 发布,Redis 客户端

发布于 2018年09月05日
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Redisson 2.13.0 和 3.8.0 已发布,Redisson 是架设在 Redis 基础上的一个 Java 驻内存数据网格(In-Memory Data Grid)。

Redisson 在基于 NIO 的 Netty 框架上,充分利用了 Redis 键值数据库提供的一系列优势,在 Java 实用工具包中常用接口的基础上,为使用者提供了一系列具有分布式特性的常用工具类。使得原本作为协调单机多线程并发程序的工具包获得了协调分布式多机多线程并发系统的能力,大大降低了设计和研发大规模分布式系统的难度。同时结合各富特色的分布式服务,更进一步简化了分布式环境中程序相互之间的协作。


  • Feature - Spring Data Redis integration. Please refer to documentation for more details

  • Feature - Spring Boot Starter implementation. Please refer to documentation for more details

  • Feature - RBlockingDequeReactive object added

  • Feature - sharedSession setting for Tomcat Session Manager. Appropriate solution for migration of EAR based application with multiple WARs hosted previously on JBoss, WebLogic. Please refer to documentation for more details

  • Improvement - Redis request/response handling performance improvement

  • Improvement - CompositeIterator decoupled from CompositeIterable (thanks to Pepe-Lu)

  • Fixed - task scheduled with time more than 1 hour is not executed

  • Fixed - RScheduledExecutorService doesn't handle delayed tasks correctly

  • Fixed - RMapCache and RSetCache objects should implement RDestroyable

  • Fixed - RBucket.set method with ttl throws NPE if value is null

  • Fixed - false HashedWheelTimer resource leak message

  • Fixed - RExecutorService task execution performance regression

  • Fixed - locking in multiple parallel transactions created with the same thread

  • Fixed - JCache.removeAll doesn't work

  • Fixed - Batch in ExecutionMode.REDIS_WRITE_ATOMIC and ExecutionMode.REDIS_READ_ATOMIC returns QUEUED instead of real result

  • Fixed - tasks scheduled with cron expression don't work in different timezones (thanks to Arpit Agrawal)

  • Fixed - global config codec is not registered in codec cache for reference objects (thanks to Rui Gu)




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