Python Web 框架 Django 2.1.1 发布,Bug 修复版本

发布于 2018年09月01日
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Django 2.1.1 主要修复了 2.1 版本的一些 bug :

  • Fixed a race condition in QuerySet.update_or_create() that could result in data loss (#29499).

  • Fixed a regression where QueryDict.urlencode() crashed if the dictionary contains a non-string value (#29627).

  • Fixed a regression in Django 2.0 where using test --keepdb fails on PostgreSQL if the database exists and the user doesn’t have permission to create databases (#29613).

  • Fixed a regression in Django 2.0 where combining Q objects with __in lookups and lists crashed (#29643).

  • Fixed translation failure of DurationField’s “overflow” error message (#29623).

  • Fixed a regression where the admin change form crashed if the user doesn’t have the ‘add’ permission to a model that uses TabularInline (#29637).

  • Fixed a regression where a related_query_name reverse accessor wasn’t set up when a GenericRelationis declared on an abstract base model (#29653).

  • Fixed the test client’s JSON serialization of a request data dictionary for structured content type suffixes (#29662).

  • Made the admin change view redirect to the changelist view after a POST if the user has the ‘view’ permission (#29663).

  • Fixed admin change view crash for view-only users if the form has an extra form field (#29682).

  • Fixed a regression in Django 2.0.5 where QuerySet.values() or values_list() after combining querysets with extra() with union()difference(), or intersection() crashed due to mismatching columns (#29694).

  • Fixed crash if InlineModelAdmin.has_add_permission() doesn’t accept the obj argument (#29723).



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