Apache Xerces-J 2.10.0 发布

发布于 2010年06月19日
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Xerces是由Apache组织所推动的一项XML文档解析开源项目,它目前有多种语言版本包括JAVA、C++、PERL、COM等。而 Xerces-J 则是 Java 的版本。


  • Added experimental support for XML Schema 1.1
  • Implemented enhancements to javax.xml.validation that were introduced by JAXP 1.4
  • Added support for the StAX 1.0 event API (javax.xml.stream.events).
  • Added support for the Element Traversal API 
  • Implemented a property for starting schema assessment from a specific element declaration and enhanced the existing property for starting schema assessment from a type definition to accept a javax.xml.namespace.QName as a value.
  • Added a property for specifying the locale to use when reporting error and warning messages.
  • Added support for matching multi-digit back references in regular expressions.
  • Added a method to the ItemPSVI interface in the XML Schema API to expose error messages corresponding to the error codes that were already available in the PSVI.
  • Implemented native support for UTF-16.


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