Kubernetes 1.11.2 发布,容器编排工具

发布于 2018年08月08日
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Kubernetes 1.11.2 发布了,更新如下:

  • Metadata Agent Improvements (#66485@bmoyles0117)

    • Bump metadata agent version to 0.2-0.0.21-1.

    • Expand the metadata agent's access to all API groups.

    • Remove metadata agent config maps in favor of command line flags.

    • Update the metadata agent's liveness probe to a new /healthzhandler.

    • Logging Agent Improvements

    • Bump logging agent version to 0.2-1.5.33-1-k8s-1.

    • Appropriately set log severity for k8s_container.

    • Fix detect exceptions plugin to analyze message field instead of log field.

    • Fix detect exceptions plugin to analyze streams based on local resource id.

    • Disable the metadata agent for monitored resource construction in logging.

    • Disable timestamp adjustment in logs to optimize performance.

    • Reduce logging agent buffer chunk limit to 512k to optimize performance.

  • Fix a bug on GCE that /etc/crictl.yaml is not generated whencrictlis preloaded. (#66877@Random-Liu)

  • Fix validation for HealthzBindAddress inkube-proxy when --healthz-port is set to 0 (#66138@wsong)

  • fixacrcould not be listed in sp issue (#66429@andyzhangx)

  • Fixed an issue whichprevented gcloud fromworking on GCE when metadata concealment was enabled. (#66630@dekkagaijin)

  • Fix forresourcepool-path configuration in thevsphere.conf file. (#66261@divyenpatel)

  • This fix prevents a GCE PD volume from being mounted if theudev  devicelink is stale and tries to correct the link. (#66832@msau42)

  • Fixkubelet  startup failure when using ExecPlugin inkubeconfig(#66395@awly)

  • GCE: Fixesloadbalancercreation and deletion issues appearing in 1.10.5. (#66400@nicksardo)

  • kubeadm:Pull sidecar anddnsmasq-nanny images when usingkube-dns(#66499@rosti)

  • fixsmb mount issue (#65751@andyzhangx)

  • Extend TLS timeouts to work around slow arm64 math/big (#66264@joejulian)

  • Allow ScaleIO volumes to be provisioned without having to first manually create /dev/disk/by-id path oneachkubernetesnode (if not already present) (#66174@ddebroy)

  • kubeadm:stop setting UID in thekubelet  ConfigMap (#66341@runiq)

  • fixes a panic when using a mutating webhook admission plugin with a DELETE operation (#66425@liggitt)

  • Updatecrictl to v1.11.1. (#66152@Random-Liu)

  • kubectl:fixes a panic displaying pods withnominatedNodeNameset (#66406@liggitt)

  • fixes a validation error that could prevent updates to StatefulSet objects containing non-normalized resource requests (#66165@liggitt)

  • Tolerate missing watch permission when deleting a resource (#65370@deads2k)

  • prevents infinite CLI wait on delete whenitemis recreated (#66136@deads2k)

  • Preserve vmUUID when renewingnodeinfoin vSphere cloud provider (#66007@w-leads)



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