gRPC-Java 1.14.0 发布,gRPC 的 Java 实现

发布于 2018年08月01日
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gRPC-Java 1.14.0 发布了,gRPC 是一个高性能、开源和通用的 RPC 框架,面向移动和 HTTP/2 设计,而 gRPC-Java 是其 Java 版本实现。1.14.0 版本将是支持 Java 6 的最后一个版本。Android API 14 级支持将保持不变



  • Updated to Netty 4.1.27 and Netty TCNative 2.0.12

  • gRPC is now regularly tested with JDK 9 and 10

  • Warning, a bug was discovered after this release where using Netty Epoll would increase memory usage. Please avoid this release of gRPC if you know you use Netty Epoll

API Changes

  • OkHttpChannelBuilder#negotiationType is now deprecated

  • Made protobuf, protobuf-lite, and protobuf-nano classes final.

New Features

  • Channel Tracing now record State Changes

  • Stubs now have an RpcMethod annotation for use with annotation processors

  • Added support for providing List<EquivalentAddressGroup> to LoadBalancer Subchannels, in addition to the option of providing a EquivalentAddressGroup (EAG). This prevents the need for LoadBalancers to "flatten" a List<EquivalentAddressGroup> into a single EquivalentAddressGroupwhich loses/confuses the EAG's AttributesNameResolvers can now specify Attributes in an EAG and expect that the values are passed to gRPC's core. Future work will add List<EAG> for OobChannels.

  • InProcessSocketAddress now has a useful toString() method

  • AndroidChannelBuilder is now easier to build

  • RoundRobinLoadBalancer now scales better when using stickiness

Behavior Changes

  • gRPCLB no longer depends on having a Service Config

Bug Fixes

  • Fix regression that broke Java 9 ALPN support. This fixes the error "SunJSSE selected, but Jetty NPN/ALPN unavailable" (#4620)

  • Fixed a bug with gRPC LB parsing SRV DNS records ( 6dbe392 )

  • enterIdle() will exit idle mode if channel is still in use (#4665)

  • TransmitStatusRuntimeExceptionInterceptor now avoids accidentally double closing the call.



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