OPNsense 18.7 发布,基于 FreeBSD 的防火墙和路由平台

发布于 2018年08月01日
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OPNsense 18.7 发布了,代号“快乐河马”(Happy Hippo)。OPNsense 是一个开源易用,而且易于构建的基于 FreeBSD 的防火墙和路由平台。包括大多数商业防火墙的特性。提供功能完整却易用的 GUI 管理界面。18.7 的主要目标是稳定性,所以还没有开始采用 FreeBSD 11.2,但它包含了几个英特尔网卡驱动程序更新,此次更新还包括大量的 IPv6 改进,包括 6RD 支持以及身份验证和备份框架整合。另外,此版本不再包含 QinQ。


  • o improved WAN DHCPv6 and SLAAC connectivity and tracking

  • o functional IPv6 Rapid Deployment (6RD) support

  • o improved default route handling and gateway switching

  • o OpenVPN default setup improvements for IPv6 and RADIUS attribute support

  • o Dpinger gateway monitoring integration

  • o password policies for local authentication and coupled TOTP

  • o Monit core integration to eventually replace the legacy notifications

  • o OpenSSH access via group and shell selection instead of privilege

  • o pluggable backup framework with new Nextcloud option

  • o sytem tunables are now also used as loader tunables

  • o unrestricted VLAN usage for e.g. Xen

  • o QinQ interface removal

  • o firmware GUI speedup, improved error parsing and console reboot hint

  • o ZFS on root boot support (installer support is pending, but opnsense-bootstrap works)

  • o ZFS and MSDOS config import support

  • o ISC DHCP version moves from 4.3 to 4.4

  • o RRDtool version moves from 1.2 to 1.7

  • o rework rc.syshook facility to use drop-in directories instead of suffixes

  • o backports of FreeBSD 11.2 Intel NIC drivers

  • o stand-alone frontend UI development tools

  • o language updates for Czech, French, German, Portuguese (Brazil)

  • o UI header security and SSL cipher hardening

  • o extensive UI cleanups and menu consolidation

  • o new and rewritten plugins: os-cache, os-lcdproc-sdeclcd, os-net-snmp,

  •  os-nut, os-openconnect, os-relayd 2.0, os-shadowsocks, os-theme-cicada,

  •  os-theme-rebellion, os-theme-tukan, os-wol 2.0


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