Spring Kafka 2.2.0.M1 发布,Spring 的 Kafka 抽象

发布于 2018年07月27日
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Spring Kafka 2.2.0.M1 已发布,更新内容如下:

  • Upgrade Clients to 1.1.1

  • Upgrade Spring Framework, Data to RC1

  • GH-753: Close transactional producer on error

  • GH-732: Refactor KafkaEmbedded for JUnit 5

  • Upgrade to Gradle 4.9

  • Valid class names in KafkaListenerEndpointRegistry customization docs

  • GH-739: Custom (De)Serializer Doc Improvement

  • Simplify assertions in MessagingMListenerAdapter

  • GH-650: Pause/Resume doc example

  • GH-723: Relax reply template generic types

  • GH-723: Relax reply template generic types

  • GH-734: MimeType headers as String

  • Add ErrorHandlingDeserializer

  • GH-731: Replying template improvements

  • MessagingMessageListenerAdapter: Fix JavaDoc

  • GH-725: Fix return Collection

  • GH-719: Exclude Spring 4.X dependency

  • GH-716: Null Payload Doc Improvements

  • Javadocs for ContainerProperties constants

  • Make ContainerProperties constants public

  • Fix varargs warn for CompositeProducerListener

  • GH-686: Handle tombstones in Json Ser/Deser

  • GH-690: Propagate AfterRollbackProcessor to child

  • Typo fix for addTopics and doWithAdmin @SInCE

  • GH-701: Support ConsumerRecords (@Klistener)

  • Add licence and notice to all artifacts

  • GH-699: Fix line wrap

  • GH-699: Fix Batch Listener with Kotlin

  • GH-693: Add BytesJsonMessageConverter

  • GH-696: Add missingTopicsFatal container property

  • GH-691: Add CompositeProducerListener

  • Update JaCoCo to 0.8.1 (JDK10)

  • ProducerListener Improvements

  • More polishing - add Method to log

  • Polishing for previous commit

  • Emit WARN log for @sendto with void return

  • GH-683: Fix Transactions with ErrorHandler

  • Container factory doc polishing

  • GH-676: Allow to add topics into KafkaEmbedded

  • SIKGH-204: Support auto config for all containers

  • GH-598: ConsumerFactory default methods

  • GH-666: KafkaEmbedded doWithAdmin, addTopics

  • Improve exception message with jar mismatch

  • GH-667: Fix BatchErrorHandler for generic errors

  • Docs to 2.2 - Kafka/SF versions

  • Doc polishing

  • Add Kotlin test case

  • GH-661: Close Producer after beginTransaction fail

  • GH-656: Fix seek on rollback

  • Fix Docbook sourceDir

  • Upgrade to Gradle 4.7 and others, build polishing

  • GH-652: JsonSerializer add null check for Headers

  • KBGH-356: Fix thread naming with no bean name

  • GH-646: Avoid sync when no transaction

  • GH-646: Transaction Improvements

  • GH-640: Upgrade kafka version to 1.1.0

  • GH-550: master to 2.2; fix tangles

  • GH-642: Increase test timeout

  • [artifactory-release] Next development version

  • [artifactory-release] Release version 2.1.5.RELEASE

  • GH-637: Fix spurious nonresponsive consumer events

  • GH-634: 1.1.0 Client compatibility

  • GH-621: Add KafkaStreams customizer

  • Change log-compaction url

  • GH-631: Fail fast with missing required group.id

  • Fix typo in invokeRecordListenerInTx method name

  • Fix typo in the KafkaListenerErrorHandler

  • GH-618: Add StreamsBuilderFBean#getStreamsConfig

  • GH-623: Fix AckMode.COUNT

  • GH-566: Ack Concurrency Issue

  • GH-614: Fix general consumer error handling

  • GH-597: Add default impls for listener methods

  • Some code polishing for optimization

  • GH-609: Pause/resume polishing; events

  • GH-601: @KafkaListener: Support List<Message>

  • Catch exceptions thrown from error handler

  • Deprecate JsonDeserializer.DEFAULT_VALUE_TYPE

  • Upgrade to kafka-clients 1.0.1

  • GH-599: Fix initial seek

  • Support JUnit5 in tests


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