Kubernetes 1.10.6 发布,容器编排工具

发布于 2018年07月27日
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Kubernetes 1.10.6 发布了,Kubernetes 是一个开源的,用于管理云平台中多个主机上的容器化的应用,Kubernetes 的目标是让部署容器化的应用简单并且高效(powerful),Kubernetes 提供了应用部署、规划、更新、维护的一种机制。


Action Required

  • ACTION REQUIRED: Removes defaulting of CSI file system type to ext4. All the production drivers listed under https://kubernetes-csi.github.io/docs/Drivers.html were inspected and should not be impacted after this change. If you are using a driver not in that list, please test the drivers on an updated test cluster first. ``` (#65499@krunaljain)

Other notable changes

  • Extend TLS timeouts to work around slow arm64 math/big (#66264@joejulian)

  • GCE: Fixes loadbalancer creation and deletion issues appearing in 1.10.5. (#66400@nicksardo)

  • fixes spurious "meaningful conflict" error encountered by nodes attempting to update status, which could cause them to be considered unready (#66169@liggitt)

  • fix mount unmount failure for a Windows pod (#63272@andyzhangx)

  • Fix for resourcepool-path configuration in the vsphere.conf file. (#66261@divyenpatel)

  • Fixed cleanup of CSI metadata files. (#65323@jsafrane)

  • Fix an issue with dropped audit logs, when truncating and batch backends enabled at the same time. (#65823@loburm)

  • fixes a validation error that could prevent updates to StatefulSet objects containing non-normalized resource requests (#66165@liggitt)

  • Fixed issue 63608, which is that under rare circumstances the ResourceQuota admission controller could lose track of an request in progress and time out after waiting 10 seconds for a decision to be made. (#64598@MikeSpreitzer)

  • Make kubelet ReadLogs backward compatible. (#63268@Random-Liu)

  • set EnableHTTPSTrafficOnly in azure storage account creation (#64957@andyzhangx)

  • Rework Kubelet set /etc/hosts behavior to fix conformance testability (#61613@dims)

  • Fix RunAsGroup which doesn't work since 1.10. (#65926@Random-Liu)

  • Fix a bug that preempting a pod may block forever. (#65987@Random-Liu)

  • fix data loss issue if using existing azure disk with partitions in disk mount (#63270@andyzhangx)

  • The garbage collector now supports CustomResourceDefinitions and APIServices. (#65916@xmudrii)

  • fix smb mount issue (#65751@andyzhangx)

  • Fix a scalability issue where high rates of event writes degraded etcd performance. (#64539@ccding)

  • Fixed API server panic during concurrent GET or LIST requests with non-empty resourceVersion. (#65092@sttts)

  • Properly manage security groups for loadbalancer services on OpenStack. (#65373@multi-io)

  • Reload systemd config files before starting kubelet. (#65702@mborsz)

  • Fixes an issue where Portworx PVCs remain in pending state when created using a StorageClass with empty parameters (#64895@harsh-px)

  • add external resource group support for azure disk (#64427@andyzhangx)

  • skip nodes that have a primary NIC in a 'Failed' provisioningState (#65412@yastij)

  • On COS, NPD creates a node condition for frequent occurrences of unregister_netdevice (#65342@dashpole)

  • Fix concurrent map access panic (#65328@dashpole)

    • Don't watch .mount cgroups to reduce number of inotify watches

    • Fix NVML initialization race condition

    • Fix brtfs disk metrics when using a subdirectory of a subvolume

  • Pass cluster_location argument to Heapster (#65176@kawych)

  • fixes a memory leak in the kube-controller-manager observed when large numbers of pods with tolerations are created/deleted (#65339@liggitt)

  • Disable session affinity for internal kubernetes service - Backport of #56690 to 1.10 release branch (#65177@afritzler)



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那位大神科普一下,都已经发布1.11 版本了,怎么还在更新1.10版本,这版本管理是什么节奏?
GitLab 发布安全更新 11.1.2、11.0.5 和 10.8.7...


那位大神科普一下,都已经发布1.11 版本了,怎么还在更新1.10版本,这版本管理是什么节奏?


win10 更新, win7就不能更新了?


那位大神科普一下,都已经发布1.11 版本了,怎么还在更新1.10版本,这版本管理是什么节奏?
win10 更新, win7就不能更新了?
那位大神科普一下,都已经发布1.11 版本了,怎么还在更新1.10版本,这版本管理是什么节奏?