Apache Subversion 1.9.9 和 1.10.2 发布

发布于 2018年07月21日
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Apache Subversion 1.9.9 与 1.10.2 发布了,这两版分别是 Subversion 1.9.X 与 Subversion 全系列最完整的版本,建议用户尽快升级。

Apache Subversion 是一款全功能的版本控制系统,最初设计是为替代 CVS 。如今的 Subversion 已经实现了超越 CVS 的目标,但其基本模型、设计和界面仍然深受 CVS 影响,这也让 CVS 用户使用起来会感到非常熟悉。

1.9.9 更新内容:

User-visible changes:
- Client-side bugfixes:

  • * Fix SEGV for 'svn export -rN WC' with relative externals (r1803755)

  • * Fix issue #4677: 'svn up' after a directory replaced a file (r1814248)

  • * Fix segfault when no home directory is available (r1819199)

  • * Performance: Make 'svn info' fast on old repository revisions (r1827690)

  • * Fix RA-serf problem with proxy username and password (r1833571)

- Server-side bugfixes:

  • * svnadmin: Fix false errors on some valid LOCK_PATH arguments (r1803754)

  • * Fix crash when exiting 'svnserve --config-file' (r1824405)

  • * Fix issue #4722: false "filesystem is corrupt" error on commit (r1827688)

  • * Reword confusing "nested" wording in an httpd.conf warning (r1835700)

- Bindings bugfixes:

  • * swig-py: svn.core.Stream supports raw binary file-like objects (r1820620)

  • * swig-rb: Don't crash if svn_md5_digest_to_cstring returns NULL (r1823805)

Developer-visible changes:
- General:

  • * Fix CVE-2017-9800: Malicious server can execute arbitrary command on client (r1804698)

  • * Fix test failure if compile- and run-time HTTPD versions differ (r1820523)


1.10.2 更新内容:

User-visible changes:
- Client-side bugfixes:

  • * Correctly claim to offer Gnome Keyring support with libsecret (r1831142)

  • * Fix segfault using Gnome Keyring with libsecret (r1835782)

  • * Fix JavaHL local refs capacity warning when unparsing externals (r1831143)

  • * Since on Windows Subversion does not handle symlinks, never check for reparse points (r1835701)

  • * Prune externals after 'update --set-depth=exclude' (r1835702)

  • * Fix issue #4740, "conflict resolver searches too far back …" (r1835703)

- Server-side bugfixes:

  • * Fix regression issue #4741: authz group refers to multiple groups (r1831220)

Developer-visible changes:
- General:

  • * Regression test and FSFS checksum test, part of issue #4722 (r1828043)

  • * Explicit error on configure --without-lz4 or --without-utf8proc (r1831604)

  • * configure.ac: Fix regression relating to path to 'rdoc' (r1833486)

  • * Ensure consistent use of $PYTHON during build and test (r1833487)

  • * Fix libsvn_auth_gnome_keyring.pc when built using libsecret (r1835781)

- Bindings:

  • * Fix regression in use of pre-generated Swig bindings in release builds (r1833488)



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