Jenkins 2.133 和 2.121.2 发布,可扩展的持续集成引擎

发布于 2018年07月20日
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Jenkins 2.133 和 2.121.2 已发布。

Jenkins 2.133 修复了重要的安全问题,建议升级。

Jenkins 2.121.2 更新内容如下:

  • Important security fixes. (security advisory)

  •  Update Remoting from 3.20 to 3.21 to apply logging enhancements and better no_proxy support. (issue 51223issue 50965issue 51551Remoting 3.21 changelog)

  •  Improve diagnostics of corrupted plugin archives during plugin dynamic loading. (issue 51608)

  •  Robustness: A buggy ComputerListener#onConfigurationChange implementation should not block Jenkins startup. (issue 50217)

  •  Diagnostics: Log stack traces in JEP-200 rejection messages when logging level is FINE or above. (issue 51355)

  •  Improve Jenkins root URL validation. (issue 51158)

  •  Do not remove workspaces for projects with builds in progress. (issue 27329)

  •  If using the Artifact Manager on S3 plugin with the (non-default) option to delete artifacts, they were not deleted when the entire build was deleted. (issue 51819)

  •  Don't monitor response time on offline agents. (issue 20272)

  •  Copying Run parameters did not work as expected as RunParameterDefinition#copyWithDefaultValue called the wrong constructor. (issue 51650)

  •  Restore implied dependency on JDK Tool Plugin from Apache HttpComponents Client 4 API Plugin to fix dependency problems. (issue 51483)

  •  Actions created from a TransientActionFactory that got attached to an item in the queue are no longer persisted, which could previously lead to duplicate actions shown for builds. (issue 51584)

  •  Prevent unhandled ClassCastException when loading fingerprints from corrupted files. (issue 51179)

  •  Do not duplicate caller stack trace when FilePath#act fails. (issue 51082)

  •  Fix behaviour of Advanced button when a section element is nested inside. (issue 14632)

  •  Developer: ComputerLauncher implementations can now set channels with a custom CommandTransport implementation. (issue 51541)

  •  Developer/Internal: Remove use of a Guava method deleted in later versions, which could cause problems for plugins running functional tests. (issue 51779)

  •  Developer API: StreamTaskListener#getCharset() now returns the default charset when it is not configured. (issue 51971)

  •  Developer API: Prevent NullPointerException in SlaveComputer#setChannel(Channel,OutputStream,Channel.Listener) with nullOutputStream. (issue 51955)


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