Micrometer 1.0.6 发布,指标监控工具

发布于 2018年07月20日
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Micrometer 1.0.6 已发布,Micrometer 是一个监控指标的度量类库。本次更新包括功能改进和 bug 修复,具体如下:


  • Influx retention policies are now fully customizable through InfluxConfig.

  • Make DataSourcePoolMetricsAutoConfiguration conditional on DataSource bean.

  • Make RestTemplateMetricsConfiguration an auto-configuration.

  • Make meterNamePrefix work as a prefix in MeterFilter#maximumAllowableTags.

  • Fetch authorization keys for every batch post in push-based registries containing such keys (including for Datadog).

  • JCacheMetrics guards against empty cache names, such as those emanating from Apache Ignite.

  • Remove extra space in description text for jvm.memory.committed.

  • Make step size configurable for SignalFx.

  • Added support for Jersey MappableException in DefaultJerseyTagsProvider.


  • Only publish on close if the registry implementation is enabled.

  • Improve sanitation of name and tags for statsd to replace : characters.

  • Record a non-empty tag value for anonymous Exception types thrown in Spring WebMVC endpoints.

  • Fixed ConcurrentModificationException in CompositeMeterRegistry.

  • Added a base unit to the id on TimeGauge.

  • Fixed SLA bug that made the last two buckets always equal in count.

  • When using a "maximum allowable tag values" MeterFilter, the tag values seen before the maximum is reached continue to be allowed.

  • When the specified tag key was reached in "maximum allowable tag values" MeterFilter, other tag keys were affected too. This is no longer the case.

  • Fixed description text that generated errors on Prometheus Pushgateway.

  • Metrics.More is now public so less frequently used meter types can be constructed, e.g. Metrics.more().longTaskTimer(..).

  • Filters are now only applied once for percentiles, SLAs, and other synthetic meters.

  • Fixed regression in 1.0.5 that stopped converting Influx metric names to snakecase.

  • Make DatadogNamingConvention#tagKey respect its delegate.

  • StepTimer and StepDistributionSummary now update count and sum based on expiry.

  • Shade pcollections into micrometer-registry-statsd.

源码下载 https://github.com/micrometer-metrics/micrometer/releases/tag/v1.0.6

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