Wireshark 2.6.2 发布,应用广泛的网络协议分析器

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2018-07-19 08:31:00

Wireshark 2.6.2 已发布,Wireshark 是世界上最流行的开源、免费跨平台网络协议分析软件,它经常被网络专家用户排错、部署、分析和教育活动中。

Bug 修复:

The following vulnerabilities have been fixed:

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • ISMP.EDP "Tuples" dissected incorrectly. Bug 4943.

  • Wireshark - Race issue when switching between files using Wireshark’s "Files in Set" dialog. Bug 10870.

  • Sorting on "Source port" or "Destination port" column sorts alphabetically, not numerically. Bug 11460.

  • Wireshark crashes when changing profiles. Bug 11648.

  • Crash when starting capture while saving capture file or rescanning file after display filter change. Bug 13594.

  • Crash when switching to TRANSUM enabled profile. Bug 13697.

  • TCP retransmission with additional payload leads to incorrect bytes and length in stream. Bug 13700.

  • Wireshark crashes with single quote string display filter. Bug 14084.

  • randpkt can write packets that libwiretap can’t read. Bug 14107.

  • Wireshark crashes when loading new file before previous load has finished. Bug 14351.

  • Valid packet produces Malformed Packet: OpcUa. Bug 14465.

  • Error received from dissect_wccp2_hash_assignment_info(). Bug 14573.

  • CRC checker wrong for FPP. Bug 14610.

  • Cross-build broken due to make-dissectors and make-taps. Bug 14622.

  • Extraction of SMB file results in wrong size. Bug 14662.

  • 6LoWPAN dissector merges fragments from different sources. Bug 14700.

  • IP address to name resolution doesn’t work in TShark. Bug 14711.

  • "Decode as" Modbus RTU over USB doesn’t work with 2.6.0 but with 2.4.6. Bug 14717.

  • proto_tree_add_protocol_format might leak memory. Bug 14719.

  • tostring for NSTime objects in lua gives wrong results. Bug 14720.

  • Media type "application/octet-stream" registered for both Thread and UASIP. Bug 14729.

  • Crash related to SCTP tap. Bug 14733.

  • Formatting of OSI area addresses/address prefixes goes past the end of the area address/address prefix. Bug 14744.

  • ICMPv6 Router Renumbering - Packet Dissector - malformed. Bug 14755.

  • WiMAX HARQ MAP decoder segfaults when length is too short. Bug 14780.

  • HTTP PUT request following a HEAD request is not correctly decoded. Bug 14793.

  • SYNC PDU type 3 miss the last PDU length. Bug 14823.

  • Reversed 128 bits service UUIDs when Bluetooth Low Energy advertisement data are dissected. Bug 14843.

  • Issues with Wireshark when the user doesn’t have permission to capture. Bug 14847.

  • Wrong description when LE Bluetooth Device Address type is dissected. Bug 14866.

  • LE Role advertisement type (0x1c) is not dissected properly according to the Bluetooth specification. Bug 14868.

  • Regression: Wireshark 2.6.0 and 2.6.1 are unable to read NetMon files which were readable by previous versions. Bug 14876.

  • Wireshark doesn’t properly display (deliberately) invalid 220 responses from Postfix. Bug 14878.

  • Follow TCP Stream and click reassembled content moves you to incorrect current packet. Bug 14898.

  • Crash when changing profiles while loading a capture file. Bug 14918.

  • Duplicate PDU during C Arrays Output Export. Bug 14933.

  • DCE/RPC not dissected when "reserved for use by implementations" flag bits set. Bug 14942.

  • Follow TCP Stream truncates output on missing (but ACKed) segments. Bug 14944.

  • There’s no option to include column headings when printing packets or exporting packet dissections with Qt Wireshark. Bug 14945.

  • Qt: SCTP Graph Dialog: Abort when doing analysis. Bug 14971.

  • CMake is unable to find LUA libraries. Bug 14983.



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