Infinispan 9.3.1.Final 和 9.4.0.Alpha1 发布

发布于 2018年07月17日
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Infinispan 同时发布了两个版本,9.3.1.Final 包含一些重要的 bug 修复,建议所有 9.3.0.Final 用户升级:

  • Fix for CVE-2018-1131 that allows unchecked deserialization in the server from binary java , XML and JSON payloads

  • Fixed transcoding from JSON/XML to java objects with deployed entities (ISPN-9336)

  • Look up key in cache loader if the entry has expired but hasn't yet been removed from the data container (ISPN-9370)

  • Avoid circular references in exceptions, as they were causing stack overflows with logback 1.2.x (ISPN-9362)


9.4.0.Alpha1 是下一个重要版本的首次亮相,亮点包括:

  • The Spring Cache provider now supports two configuration properties with which you can determine how long to wait for read and write operations respectively (ISPN-9301).

  • You can now obtain nanosecond-resolution statistics for average read/write/remove time (ISPN-9352).

  • Queries now throw an AvailabilityException if the cache is in degraded mode and partition mode isn’t ALLOW_READ_WRITES ([ISPN-9340)

  • Admin Console: You can now delete cache from Administration console (ISPN-7291).

  • Following up on the segmented data container in 9.3.0.Final, cache stores can now be segmented as well, allowing for better performance for bulk operations (ie. cache.size(), cache.entrySet().stream())

  • The server-side Hot Rod parser is now generated automatically (ISPN-8981



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