Apache Kafka 1.0.2 发布,功能改进和修复

发布于 2018年07月17日
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Apache Kafka 1.0.2 已发布,包含 27 个 JIRA 的修复和改进,包括一些关键 bug 修复。


  • [KAFKA-6364] - Add Second Check for End Offset During Restore

  • [KAFKA-6634] - Delay initiating the txn on producers until initializeTopology with EOS turned on

  • [KAFKA-6772] - Broker should load credentials from ZK before requests are allowed


  • [KAFKA-5996] - JsonConverter generates "Mismatching schema" DataException

  • [KAFKA-6054] - ERROR "SubscriptionInfo - unable to decode subscription data: version=2" when upgrading from to

  • [KAFKA-6360] - RocksDB segments not removed when store is closed causes re-initialization to fail

  • [KAFKA-6536] - Streams quickstart pom.xml is missing versions for a bunch of plugins

  • [KAFKA-6566] - SourceTask#stop() not called after exception raised in poll()

  • [KAFKA-6568] - LogCleanerManager.doneDeleting() should check the partition state before deleting the in progress partition

  • [KAFKA-6661] - Sink connectors that explicitly 'resume' topic partitions can resume a paused task

  • [KAFKA-6711] - GlobalStateManagerImpl should not write offsets of in-memory stores in checkpoint file

  • [KAFKA-6739] - Down-conversion fails for records with headers

  • [KAFKA-6747] - kafka-streams Invalid transition attempted from state READY to state ABORTING_TRANSACTION

  • [KAFKA-6748] - Scheduler cannot be cancelled from Punctuator

  • [KAFKA-6782] - GlobalKTable GlobalStateStore never finishes restoring when consuming aborted messages

  • [KAFKA-6857] - LeaderEpochFileCache.endOffsetFor() should check for UNDEFINED_EPOCH explicitly

  • [KAFKA-6906] - Kafka Streams does not commit transactions if data is produced via wall-clock punctuation

  • [KAFKA-6925] - Memory leak in org.apache.kafka.streams.processor.internals.StreamThread$StreamsMetricsThreadImpl

  • [KAFKA-6937] - In-sync replica delayed during fetch if replica throttle is exceeded

  • [KAFKA-6975] - AdminClient.deleteRecords() may cause replicas unable to fetch from beginning

  • [KAFKA-7012] - Performance issue upgrading to kafka 1.0.1 or 1.1

  • [KAFKA-7021] - Source KTable checkpoint is not correct

  • [KAFKA-7058] - ConnectSchema#equals() broken for array-typed default values

  • [KAFKA-7104] - ReplicaFetcher thread may die because of inconsistent log start offset in fetch response


  • [KAFKA-6854] - Log cleaner fails with transaction markers that are deleted during clean

  • [KAFKA-6917] - Request handler deadlocks attempting to acquire group metadata lock






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