Apache PDFBox 2.0.10 发布,Java 的 PDF 处理类库

发布于 2018年06月23日
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Apache PDFBox 2.0.10 发布,Apache PDFBox 库是一个开源的用于处理 PDF 文档的 Java 工具。更新内容如下:


  • [PDFBOX-3585] - National characters not correctly displayed in text form field

  • [PDFBOX-3631] - Signature interoperability issue / visible signature not visible on some viewers

  • [PDFBOX-3999] - Merge failed to clone tags

  • [PDFBOX-4097] - Compressed object will lost when brute force search failed to handle compressed streams

  • [PDFBOX-4151] - FlateFilter, LZWFilter with predictor causes double memory usage

  • [PDFBOX-4157] - Flatten ne positonne pas bien le 1er champs si Image avant

  • [PDFBOX-4158] - COSDocument and PDFMerger may not close all IO resources if closing of one fails

  • [PDFBOX-4162] - OutOfMemoryError in PDExtendedGraphicsState#getLineDashPattern

  • [PDFBOX-4164] - NPE in PDFDebugger when expanding page subtree

  • [PDFBOX-4167] - OutOfMemoryError on FlateFilter - Deflater.end() is missing

  • [PDFBOX-4169] - PDFPrintable has subsampling but it can not be used

  • [PDFBOX-4172] - Flatten fails on first form element only

  • [PDFBOX-4176] - PDImageXObject doesn't support TIFF although JavaDoc says it does

  • [PDFBOX-4179] - Preflight test fails: Parameter 'directory' is not a directory

  • [PDFBOX-4180] - TextToPDF Does Not Explicitly Close Reader objects

  • [PDFBOX-4181] - GlyphList.toUnicode not secured for concurrent access

  • [PDFBOX-4185] - Fetching options for PDChoice causes ClassCastException

  • [PDFBOX-4195] - Valid XMP Metadata TimeZone not accepted

  • [PDFBOX-4197] - PDStructureElement.getAttributes() ignores reference objects

  • [PDFBOX-4200] - DataFormatException: invalid code lengths set when rendering image

  • [PDFBOX-4204] - Problem when merging PDF 1.4 and PDF 1.1 Documents

  • [PDFBOX-4207] - Coordinates shown in PDFDebugger are incorrect on HiDPI displays

  • [PDFBOX-4218] - image with stencil mask appears interpolated

  • [PDFBOX-4222] - PDFMergerUtility: java.lang.ClassCastException: org.apache.pdfbox.cos.COSDictionary cannot be cast to org.apache.pdfbox.cos.COSNumber

  • [PDFBOX-4223] - PDFMergerUtility: java.io.IOException: Error: can't convert to Destination COSArray{[COSName{XYZ}]}

  • [PDFBOX-4227] - java.util.zip.DataFormatException: invalid distance too far back

  • [PDFBOX-4228] - PDFBox crashes when a Type3 font don't have an embedded encoding.

  • [PDFBOX-4230] - NullpointerException in CmapSubtable

  • [PDFBOX-4235] - NPE when setting the DA of a PDTextField


  • [PDFBOX-3809] - PDAcroForm.flatten(PDField list, refreshAppearances boolean) flattens all form fields instead of specified ones.

  • [PDFBOX-4057] - Allow rendering with different X and Y scale

  • [PDFBOX-4095] - Non Separable Blend Modes implementation(HUE, SATURATION, COLOR, LUMINOSITY)

  • [PDFBOX-4156] - Possible optimization of SampledImageReader.from8bit by using InterleavedRaster

  • [PDFBOX-4159] - PDFBox doesn't warn if Special graphics state operators are used in text mode

  • [PDFBOX-4161] - Overlay class should allow user to influence transform

  • [PDFBOX-4165] - Support IBM OS/400 font locations

  • [PDFBOX-4168] - Add a setTextRise() method to PDPageContentStream

  • [PDFBOX-4171] - getColorKeyMask() not needed for inline images

  • [PDFBOX-4175] - Update apache parent pom

  • [PDFBOX-4186] - Add quality option for compressed images to pdfbox-app

  • [PDFBOX-4187] - Refactor LosslessFactory alpha

  • [PDFBOX-4192] - Support subsampling in PDFToImage command line tool

  • [PDFBOX-4198] - Remove one of three LiberationSans-Regular.ttf


  • [PDFBOX-4170] - Update CCITTFaxDecoderStream.java from twelvemonkeys (2)

  • [PDFBOX-4173] - New OOM getting LineDashPattern

  • [PDFBOX-4224] - Update jbig2 plugin usage to 3.0.1



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