Kubernetes 1.10.5 发布,使用 TPU v1 API

发布于 2018年06月23日
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Kubernetes 1.10.5 发布了,Kubernetes 是一个开源的,用于管理云平台中多个主机上的容器化的应用,Kubernetes 的目标是让部署容器化的应用简单并且高效(powerful),Kubernetes 提供了应用部署、规划、更新、维护的一种机制。此次更新内容如下:

Action Required

  • A cluster-autoscaler ClusterRole is added to cover only the functionality required by Cluster Autoscaler and avoid abusing system:cluster-admin role. (#64503@kgolab)

    • action required: Cloud providers other than GCE might want to update their deployments or sample yaml files to reuse the role created via add-on.

Other notable changes

  • Kubernetes json deserializer is now case-sensitive to restore compatibility with pre-1.8 servers. (#65157@caesarxuchao)

    • If your config files contains fields with wrong case, the config files will be now invalid.

  • GCE: Fixes operation polling to adhere to the specified interval. Furthermore, operation errors are now returned instead of ignored. (#64630@nicksardo)

  • Fix setup of configmap/secret/projected/downwardapi volumes (#64855@gnufied)

  • Added default ClusterRoles for external CSI components csi-external-provisioner and csi-external-attacher (#65073@davidz627)

  • fixes a panic applying json patches containing out of bounds operations (#64355@liggitt)

  • Fixed NoTaintMaster to remove master taint and keep all other applied taints. (#64986@ashleyschuett)

  • Include kms-plugin-container.manifest to master manifests tarball. (#65035@immutableT)

  • kubeadm - Increase the manifest upgrade timeout to make upgrades more reliable. (#65029@detiber)

  • Webhooks for the mutating admission controller now support "remove" operation. (#64971@sttts)

  • increase grpc client default response size (#63977@runcom)

  • Increase the gRPC max message size to 16MB in the remote container runtime. (#64672@mcluseau)

  • Fix kube-controller-manager panic while provisioning Azure security group rules (#64739@feiskyer)

  • Fix regression in v1.JobSpec.backoffLimit that caused failed Jobs to be restarted indefinitely. (#63650@soltysh)

  • GCE: Update cloud provider to use TPU v1 API (#64727@yguo0905)

  • fix formatAndMount func issue on Windows (#63248@andyzhangx)



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