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Android Studio 3.2 Canary 17 和 3.1.3 bugfix 版发布
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Android Studio 3.2 Canary 17 和 3.1.3 bugfix 版发布

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Android Studio 发布了 3.2 Canary 17 和 3.1.3 bug-fix 版本。

Android Studio 3.1.3 bug-fix

  • Memory leaks caused Android Studio to become slow and unresponsive after you had been using the Layout Editor. This update includes fixes for most of these issues. We intend to release another update soon to address additional memory leaks.

  • Some applications built with D8 crashed on some Verizon Ellipsis tablets.

  • Installation of applications built with D8 failed with an INSTALL_FAILED_DEXOPT error on devices running Android 5.0 or 5.1 (API level 21 or 22).

  • Some applications that used the OkHttp library and were built with D8 crashed on devices running Android 4.4 (API level 19).

  • Android Studio sometimes failed to start, with a ProcessCanceledException during class initialization for com.intellij.psi.jsp.JspElementType.

这是 3.1 系列的最新稳定版,也是一个错误修复版本,本次更新修复了一些错误。有关本次更新的修复内容,请参阅 Android Studio 3.1.3 发布说明

Android Studio 3.2 Canary 17

本次更新主要修复的错误是使用布局编辑器(Layout Editor)时发生的内存泄漏,有关此修补程序的详细信息及其与 Android Studio 其他更新的关系,请参阅 Android Studio 产品经理 James Lau 的此文章


  • Applications built with Navigation Architecture Component (android.arch.navigation) libraries crashed because the libraries were not being processed during AndroidX refactoring. This has been fixed.

  • Kotlin methods that return Unit in databinding layouts are now handled correctly.

  • Data Binding v2 compilation failed in cases of one module having a very large number of layouts. This has been fixed.

  • Test coverage data was incomplete when using Android Test Orchestrator. This is fixed.


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