JMonkey Engine项目组写给中国3D程序员的一封信

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May 18
Erlend and me:

Announcement - JMonkey Engine in China


Hello Chinese game developers!


After being contacted by pengkai from china, the JME team decided this is a good time to extend a greeting to the Chinese communities centered around game development. We understand that the Java Monkey Engine is familiar to some Chinese developers already, but certainly our outreach and support for Chinese development could use a lot more focus. We feel the most important step would be to expand on available documentation for JME in the Chinese language.


Quickly about JME


For links to more pictures, videos and more, please see:




Recent games:

Grappling Hook -

Mad Skills Motocross -

Imperii -



JMonkeyEngine is a game engine. Unlike the most popular engines popular among indie developers, such as Unity and Torque, JME does not currently feature enough low-end tools to let non-programmers make games with the engine. Its strengths lies in being completely open source and written in Java.


- Being completely open source, licensed under the New BSD license, programmers do as they please with the JME codebase and any work based on it.

- Some benefits of being written in Java is simplified cross-platform compatibility and rapid development.


The purpose of this post is to raise enough attention to JME for Chinese developers to take an interest. Once connected, the aim is to hold series of conversations until we can establish concrete plans for JME's future in China.


Please contact us!


If you are a game developer, interested in JME and well spoken in the English language, the JME team would love to connect with you. We do not require any major commitment; at this stage we just want to get in touch with as many people as possible, even the remotely interested. Send all your inquiries to e.soghe at gmail dot com.


More information on developing games with JME, the team behind the engine and the future of the project will all be provided in due time.


~ Erlend Sogge Heggen,

on behalf of the JMonkeyEngine team.


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