Percona Server for MySQL 5.5.60-38.12 发布

发布于 2018年05月23日
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Percona Server for MySQL 5.5.60-38.12 已于 5 月 18 日发布,基于 MySQL 5.5.60,包含其中所有的 bug 修复,Percona Server for MySQL 5.5.60-38.12 是目前 5.5 系列的最新稳定版本。更新如下:

Bugs 修复

  • mysqldump utility with --innodb-optimize-keys option was incorrectly working with foreign keys pointing to the same table, producing invalid SQL statements. Bugs fixed #1125and #3863.

  • A typo in plugin.cmake file prevented to compile plugins statically into the server. Bug fixed #3871(upstream #89766).

  • Using -DWITHOUT_<PLUGIN>=ON CMake variable to exclude a plugin from the build didn’t work for some plugins, including a number of storage engines. Bug fixed #3901.

  • A fix was introduced to remove GCC 8 compilation warnings for the Percona Server build. Bug fixed #3950.

  • A code clean-up was done to fix compilation warnings and errors specific for clang 6. Bug fixed #3893(upstream #90111).

  • Percona Server Debian packages description included reference to /etc/mysql/my.cnf file, which is not actually present in these packages. Bug fixed #2046.

  • A clean-up in Percona Server binlog-related code was made to avoid uninitialized memory comparison. Bug fixed #3925 (upstream #90238).

  • The temporary file I/O was not instrumented for Performance Schema. Bug fixed #3937 (upstream #90264).A key_block_size value was set automatically by the Improved MEMORY Storage Engine, which resulted in warnings when changing the engine type to InnoDB, and constantly growing key_block_size during alter operations. Bugs fixed  #3936#3940, and #3943.



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