PHP 开发框架 CakePHP 3.6.3 发布,bug 修复版本

发布于 2018年05月17日
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PHP 开发框架 CakePHP 3.6.3 发布,这是 3.6 版本分支的维护版本,修复了几个社区报告的问题。


  • Improved deprecation messages in ServerRequest, Response and  ViewBuilder.

  • Improved API documentation.

  • h() no longer modifies non-string scalar values.

  • Passing a string as the 2nd parameter to h() is now deprecated.

  • The Model.afterSaveCommit event is now fired for entities created via  findOrCreate()

  • The console environment now uses the Application class to load routes.   This fixes ensures routes are loaded for class based applications.

  • Fixed missing attribute emulation for ServerRequest::$here.

  • Security::rijndael() now emits deprecation warnings.

  • Automatic identifier quoting can now handle column names with spaces better.

  • Corrected a parsing mistake with string route targets.

  • Integration test cases now set $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] to / solving   cryptic base path issues if more than one action was called per test method.


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