Tor 发布,常规 bug 修复版本

发布于 2018年04月16日
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Tor 修复了较早版本 Tor 中的各种错误,包括可能影响可靠性或正确性的错误。这是 0.3.3 系列中的第一个候选版本。


  • Major bugfixes (security, protover, voting):

    • Revise Rust implementation of protover to use a more memory- efficient voting algorithm and corresponding data structures, thus avoiding a potential memory-based DoS attack where specially crafted protocol strings would expand to fill available memory. Fixes bug 24031; bugfix on

  • Major bugfixes (performance, load balancing):

    • Directory authorities no longer vote in favor of the Guard flag for relays without directory support. Starting in Tor, clients have been avoiding using such relays in the Guard position, leading to increasingly broken load balancing for the 5%-or-so of Guards that don't advertise directory support. Fixes bug 22310; bugfix on

  • Minor feature (continuous integration):

    • Update the Travis CI configuration to use the stable Rust channel, now that we have decided to require that. Closes ticket 25714.

  • Minor features (config options):

    • Change the way the default value for MaxMemInQueues is calculated. We now use 40% of the hardware RAM if the system has 8 GB RAM or more. Otherwise we use the former value of 75%. Closes ticket 24782.


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